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Friday, November 6, 2015

Wishing You a Happy Weekend

His favorite pasttime at the moment is sucking on his hand. It gets confusing when he's hungry, because he thinks his hand holds all the answers, and it ends up with me wrestling a tiny baby and folks, he is STRONG. But I love the way his face goes from so super serious to a smile out of the blue. He's just the best.

Sorrynotsorry that all the pictures I have are of my baby. It's an improvement on me taking no pictures at all, right? Maybe? I'll work on it, guys. I just need to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. I've got a little cabin fever, if you can't tell. Being a one car family has definitely limited my activity out of the home, but it's ok. My activity inside of the home is pretty great. And we do go out for walks, which is nice. Maybe Is should be on a walk right now instead of writing this? Or making a delicious pumpkin roll for the little get together with friends tonight? Or getting ready for the day?

See what I mean? Any time I have a spare moment it's devoted to deciding what I should be doing, and there are so many options... Hoping to find balance soon.

Well, this is all to say, have a happy weekend! Hopefully I can keep this blogging stamina up for next week!

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