CaseyLand: two months

Friday, November 13, 2015

two months

This kid is two months old. Which means on one hand it feels like I've had him forever and on the other I can't believe my baby is that big. You know how it goes!

At two months Nathan is super great at holding his head up. He likes to be looking around if he is awake. Sitting up, standing up, being flown through the air by his daddy... doesn't matter as long as he can see the world. He finally enjoys sitting in his mamaroo baby swing. In fact, he even seems to love it sometimes! There is this ball on the mobile above the swing that has black and white stripes and he CANNOT get enough of it. He smiles and coos at that ball like it's his girlfriend or something. He knows what he wants, that's for sure. When he's hungry he is hungry. When he is tired, he's tired. Like, NOW mom. Right now!! He will seriously go from smiling and gurgling at you to screaming tired in one second flat. No warning. It's pretty hilarious. He still loves cuddling with mom, and he has this bottom lip quiver that I cannot resist.

In fact, he's doing it right now, which is my cue to go.
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