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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Around Here

The thing about being a stay at home mom is that I stay at home. A lot.

This is also because we only have one car because of the whole car accident thing this past summer... but who needs excuses?

When I do have the car it's a big deal. Like, where should we go today!? Will we even have time to go anywhere? (It's amazing how much time taking care of a baby actually takes up. I'm sure this will change as he gets older, but right now we only go out of the house if he's been fed recently, so we have to time it just right!) I usually end up at the grocery store or Target. I didn't actually realize the appeal of Target until I was a stay at home mom. It was like a lightbulb went off in my head or something. Suddenly all my thoughts were about what I could get at Target. Like, hey! If I go to Target I can pick this up for my house, and this up for my baby, and I can look at their Christmas stuff.... Oh, that Christmas section. I almost bought everything! Almost being the key word. But I did have an epiphany. We need a Christmas tree.

In the past, we've used my American Girl Doll Christmas tree, because it's small and cute and comes with tiny presents to put under it. And also because we lived in Logan which was really close to our families, and we basically spent all of Christmas at their houses instead of ours. But now... now we have our own home. And we're going to be here until right before Christmas! So why would we not get a tree to enjoy! The hard part is getting a tree on a grad student's budget. I found one for a good price, on the smaller side, but I thought it would work great. When I showed it to Alex he was sure we needed something bigger. Part of me was like, YES!! And the other part was like, but the student budget!!!

We haven't bought one yet, but it will happen.

Speaking of Christmas, Nathan and I wrote letters to Santa the other day. That's right, both of us. I still believe in Santa, you guys, and I don't care who knows it or how they feel about it! I like a little magic in my life, is that so wrong?? This is the time of year when if I hear the word Santa or listen to Christmas music I'm bound to start crying tears of joy. It's totally involuntary, and totally weird, but it happens. Like, I was dancing to Christmas music with Nathan the other day and it got pretty emotional. "Baby, all I want for Christmas is you....." (Michael Buble version of course.)

Anyway, I wasn't planning on writing any of that at all, but that's what happens when the baby is asleep and I have some time to myself I guess! I don't have any adult interaction, so I need to tell you all every thought in my head. Love me! Give me attention! Validate my thoughts!

In other news, Nathan's 2 month appointment was yesterday. You know. The one where he gets his vaccines. Luckily Alex could come along with me. I was terrified I was going to start crying about it, but I actually held it together pretty well. But MAN, seeing your baby in pain is the worst thing in the world.

So yeah. Let's look at some pictures.

Hi, I'm Nathan and my neck is super strong.

Just discovered the lion and couldn't be more enamored.
This kid just gets it.
I'm a stay at home mom with no where to go, so red lipstick is a must.
Ew mom... you're so embarrassing!!

 So that's what's happening in our neck of the woods.

Over and out.

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  1. Do you not like the Mariah Carey version? I love the Mariah Carey version!

    1. I do love the Mariah Carey version! But Michael Buble's is a little more sentimental :)