CaseyLand: Olivia and the First Flight on an Airplane

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Olivia and the First Flight on an Airplane

So, way back at the beginning of the summer, my little sister Abi decided she was going to marry this kid named Jake. We tried to talk her into getting married in December, because Alex and I were coming for Christmas anyway, and the baby would be three months old, and Alex would be able to come with me... but she didn't want to. Young and in love, you know how it goes. (if you've ever been young and in love.. if you haven't then you probably don't know.)

So instead she chose October. October 15 to be exact. Which ended up being almost exactly one month after my baby was born. It was kind of a big deal for me to decide if I was going to go to the wedding or not. I mean, I would be traveling with a one month old baby, and Alex wouldn't be able to come with me because school is very demanding. We debated it for a while. Alex didn't want me to go alone, so we ended up getting my sister Olivia to come out to Indiana for a few days and then fly back with me, which ended up being the perfect compromise! I am so glad it worked out and I could go. It would have been super sad if I had to miss the wedding! But hey, in the future, siblings, if you could choose to have your weddings at more convenient times for me, that would be great.

So first, let's talk about Olivia coming out. It was a blast and a half!

I've seriously been so spoiled with people coming to help me. First my mom came out for a week, which was amazing. Then, I actually did have two weeks on my own, which were interesting, but I got in the groove. Then, Alex's mom came out which was so much fun and she was so helpful! After which, Olivia came for a few days, and then we flew to Utah where I was surrounded by family... Needless to say, coming back to Indiana and being on my own during the day has been a little bit of an adjustment. Thank heavens for when Alex comes home at night!

Anyway, the flight to Utah was amazing. Nathan just slept almost the whole time. Except for when he woke up and stared politely around the plane. People were in awe! They said things like, "Wow, I didn't even know I was sitting by a baby!" "He's so well behaved!" "Wait, HOW old is he??" And "He has a perfectly shaped head!" I gave myself many back pats for creating such a perfect human being.

We're pros at this.
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  1. I'm so so glad that your flight went well! I always feel so bad to the people who have the screaming babies and even worse when people are mean. What a cute sister! It's incredible how alike you guys look.