CaseyLand: watermelons and successes

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

watermelons and successes

39 weeks pregnant! I tried to use my selfie stick to take this, but it wasn't charged. :'( Also, the pockets look so funny on this dress now, but it's SO comfy I don't even care.
Today, my baby is as big as a watermelon! This is good news, because I LOVE watermelon. And I LOVE babies. So this week will probably be a good one. How could it not be??

On Saturday, Alex and I went to a childbirth education class. It was very informative. Maybe too informative? Maybe ignorance was bliss? I did NOT know that when you got an epidural they thread a catheter through it and leave it in you the whole time, for instance. I am not a squeamish person. Needles don't freak me out. But foreign objects being left in my body kind of do freak me out. Any time I don't have control over my body kind of freaks me out, in fact. So, this should be interesting. Because with that frame of mind, I feel like a natural birth would be in my best interest. I did actually read a hypnobirthing book to get some tips. (Alex calls it the "hippo" birthing book.) However, I'm nothing if not practical, and I also know that I've never gone through child birth before, and it is probably more painful than I realize, and I may not be prepared enough to go through with "hippo" birthing. So... as with most things in life, I'm kind of just flying by the seat of my pants. I feel it's a good way to start parenthood.

Also, good news! I have finally met some of the good people of Indiana! They have all been very good and very kind, and it really helps a girl feel more comfortable in the land of never ending cricket noises. (Seriously the crickets are SO LOUD. It doesn't even make sense to me.) Here's to new friends!!

Alex and I finally got the shelves up in our house which means I can finally finish organizing! We just need one more bracket in our bedroom closet. So Alex told me which bracket to get, which meant absolutely nothing to me, and I went to Home Depot while he was at school. Before going to Home Depot, I thought I'd be really smart, and I grabbed a sticker off one of the other brackets in the house. At the Home Depot, I matched the sticker with another bracket, bought it, and brought it home. I felt smart and triumphant and super duper helpful! Look at me! What a great wife I am! I can go get the right bracket! When Alex came home from work, I showed him and he immediately declared it the WRONG bracket. Apparently he bought two different types of brackets, and I took the sticker from the other type. Wah wah.

As I final note, I will pat myself on the back for finishing a week and a half of planning meals and following through. Did they all go according to plan? No! Most of them I ended up making much more complicated than they needed to be! Until yesterday, when I got dinner in the oven at a reasonable time, set the table, and had everything ready, only to have Alex tell me he wouldn't be home at his normal time. The dinner was uncomplicated, yes, but we did end up needing to microwave it. Should I take this as a sign to just give up on the whole planned dinners thing? Perhaps a sign of me just not being cut out for cooking? Or more philosophically does it mean that no matter how well we plan in life, it doesn't always work out the way we think it is going to?

I think I'll keep making dinner. It's nice for left overs. I should plan something with watermelon for this week, huh? ;)

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  1. You are so so so close!!! I can't believe it! I mean, you probably can but I can't! Also please don't stop blogging because I really love you. That's all.

    1. No, I can't believe it either!! It doesn't feel real. It makes it a lot easier to want to keep blogging when I get sweet comments like yours! Thanks! :)