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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Scenes from the Homestead

So, Alex and I bought this little house.

Pretty impressive of us, right?

Although, we did buy it sight unseen, which causes most people to gasp, and their eyes to get all wide and anxious.

We had a realtor go check out houses for us, and we figured that would be good enough! If the realtor said it was a good house, we accepted that. Call us naive! I dare you! Ok, it's true.

When Alex got to the house with his dad at the very beginning of August, it was a mess. A big fat, ugly, did we make the biggest mistake of our lives kind of mess. There was much panic and worry. Alex's dad, bless him, told Alex to take a chill pill, and they spent the few days they had together cleaning up the house the best they could. So, when I arrived in Indiana three weeks later, the house looked fine and dandy to me! I wish Alex had taken before pictures, but he absolutely refused and I think he's blocked that part of his life out completely. So anyway, I've spent most of my time here cleaning and organizing while Alex is at school and I'm still baby-less.

It's been fun! Like, the house is really tiny, but it has that kind of old school charm? The floors in most of the house are pretty old, and the people who used to own them kind of threw a new dark stain down and called it good, which, if you see it up close looks pretty shoddy in some places, but it photographs really nicely! It also has that old antique-y look going for it that is actually getting pretty trendy so I feel fine about it. The electrical is quite a mess. The bathroom doesn't even have an outlet in it. This is disappointing to me because the bathroom is actually probably the nicest room in the whole house. There just had to be something silly about it! All the light switches are in different rooms from the room that actually has the light in it, and there are no overhead lights except for in the kitchen and laundry room! We're getting an electrician in here ASAP so I'm not too worried.

Most of the house is a boring flat brown color, except for the kitchen which is a weird blue grey color. I'm soooooo looking forward to painting. And if you follow me on pinterest, you would know that easily.

The house is pretty much completely organized at this point, and I'm feeling good about it! It's fun to take ownership over a little place and make it completely mine. It's quirky and old, and not as nice as our parents homes. But, as we need to remind ourselves, we are just poor PhD students, after all. No need for all the material pleasures in life at this very moment! Let's pay our dues! Let's rough it a bit! ;)

Yeah, we're spoiled.
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  1. Your house looks so cute it is hard to imagine it looking scary!! I keep looking on your insta to see if there is any baby yet!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks! Alex did a great job making it look awesome before I got here :)