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Monday, August 10, 2015

Welcome to Casey Land!

Welcome to my new blog!

If you came here from P.S. My Name is Madeline, you probably already know everything about me, but if you're newer, I'll give a quick introduction!

I'm Madeline, and that handsome kid up there next to me is Alex. We've been married for a little over two years, and we're expecting our first baby in September! (So yes, that's a baby bump in that picture!) Alex and I have been living in Utah while he finished his bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering, and through a fun twist of events (you can read about that starting here) we decided to uproot and move to Indiana for his PhD!

Life has been a total roller coaster since making that decision. Good thing I like roller coasters! It's nerve wracking to get on, but once that seat belt is secured there's no going back, so you might as well enjoy it! And I always do :)

While thinking about moving across the country, I started to get really nervous and afraid that I would be miserable and homesick. However, I also know that attitude changes everything, and I realized that if I chose to make this adventure a GREAT adventure, then that's what it would be. I have the power to make wherever I end up my happiest place on Earth (like Disneyland, get it!?), so I'm choosing to do that, and to document it on this blog!

Please don't hesitate to follow me on Bloglovin', Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest! You can click those cute little buttons to the side to do so. You can get updates on my blog, random thoughts I choose to tweet out, see pictures of what I'm doing right at that moment (I'm sure there will be lots when I get to Indiana!), or see what ideas I have for sprucing up my tiny cottage house!

And hopefully you've noticed my amazing new blog design. I chose to work with Brielle again for this blog, and I do not regret it! She really caught on to my vision of the whole roller coaster theme, and was really understanding and patient with me when I wanted to add more or take out something or just in general be difficult ;). You guys, she is seriously so talented. I want to share her with everyone! So if you want 15% off a blog design from Breezy and Co. just type in the code MADELINE15!

But wait, there's more!

Head over to the rafflecopter giveaway and you could win a $30 credit toward any design by Brielle! You guys, this is sooooo worth it. I'm a sucker for a good deal ;) The giveaway is open until Aug. 17th! Good luck!

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  1. K Brielle has done some amazing stuff but YOURS IS MY FAVORITE HOLY CRAP! I love the whole thing. Beyond borderline obsession. I am long overdue for a complete blog design overhaul but it's so scary for some reason? Ugh. I'm so excited for your giveaway! So cute cute cute cute.