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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

More about my sister.

As you know, I stayed behind in Utah mostly because I was waiting for Olivia to come home. I really really want to be with Alex, but I knew I would be super sad if I didn't get to spend time with Olivia! So my mom and I planned it so Olivia would come home on a Thursday, give her talk in church on Sunday, and then we would leave for a girls' trip on Monday morning. Quite the whirlwind! Right now I'm at the girls' trip, so that will just be another blog post for you to look forward to.

Sunday was a fun day filled with family. My grandma and mom took most of the pictures - and by most I mean all - so enjoy.

I love these people. 
My good friend Rachel dropped by and I am sure going to miss her! I hope I find friends as great as her in Indiana. She set the bar pretty high!

 My brother and great grandma have the cutest relationship. They've been best bud's since he was a baby!

 The one picture my grandma got of me the whole day. It's probably the most flattering.

handsome cousins

re-enacting a picture from their childhood.
 I have such a beautiful family!!

 My grandma sent this to me and said, "All the girls". To which I say, where was I?! Ha ha just kidding Grandma, I love you, and this picture is cute.

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