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Thursday, August 27, 2015

I can now wash and dry things

watching Gilmore Girls while folding cute baby clothes... can't think of anything better!

I'm thinking this will be his coming home outfit :)
0-6 months hanging up
 Alright. I was going to blog yesterday, but then yesterday turned into one of those grumpy days. It all started in the morning, when I was on the phone with my IT guy for well... the whole morning. I have a cool job I can do from home, but it requires me to remotely connect to a network that's back in Utah and it wasn't working. So, cue me talking to the IT guy all morning.

I had grand plans for yesterday. They involved me cleaning the bathroom, showering, receiving our new washer and dryer, washing all the baby clothes and putting them away, running to Target for some organizational needs, take a tour of the hospital at 6 with Alex, etc. The problem came after I hung up with the IT guy, and it was the afternoon. See, in the afternoon, the washer and dryer were supposed to be delivered. ANY TIME in the afternoon until 6 p.m. So I couldn't very well hop in the shower, could I? I couldn't run to Target. I couldn't wash the baby clothes and put them away - because I had no washer to wash them in! And so the long afternoon began.

I decided to do my awesome job while I waited, but even though in the morning we thought we had fixed the problem with my computer, we hadn't. There was ANOTHER problem. So I spent most of the afternoon on the phone with the IT guy trying to fix the other problem. He was frustrated, I was frustrated, the computer was in a non-caring mood, and time went on. In fact, time went on and on, until suddenly, the computer decided to work for no reason. We literally have no idea what happened to fix it. Then, Alex came home. Alex comes home around 5:30. No washer and dryer to be seen. This is when we decided we probably wouldn't be able to go to the hospital tour.

I was really grumpy by then.

You guys, the washer and dryer didn't come until SEVEN O CLOCK. I was so mad, ha ha. I told Alex we should demand our delivery money back. Alex was a total gentleman to the delivery guy, and demanded no such thing. It's a good thing he took care of it.

So, today I moved on with my life, washed and dried all the baby clothes, organized them and put them away, and it was fun! I was not grumpy today. I did get a little nervous when I realized I don't have near enough long sleeved/long pants pajama onsies... ha ha I don't know what to call those. But my mom will help me fix that issue. (It's all about Baby Gap, people.)

I can't believe our baby is just a few weeks from coming! I definitely can't believe that some of those clothes I washed and put away today will be TOO BIG for him. They're tiny! He's going to be so tiny. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time.

Am I old enough to be a mom? Can I handle living in a totally new place with a brand new baby? I feel like I'm on vacation in a kind of boring place... reality hasn't set in yet that this is my life now.

I guess we'll find out...
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  1. I would feel grumpy too if that was my day. I'm so excited for your little boy to come!

    1. I'm excited too! And totally freaked out!

  2. Hi there! I know blog spam is annoying and don't want to do that to you, but I saw your comment on my friend's blog and wanted to share my positive thoughts on motherhood with you! It really is the best and you have more to be excited for than worried about. It will be great!! If you would like to read my recent post on the matter, here's a link:) (And congratulations on your pregnancy!!)

  3. Basically take a picture of your lil guy every single day thanks bye