CaseyLand: taking stock: feb. 2015

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

taking stock: feb. 2015

cheering for the seahawks last year with my brother. that was a heartbreaker guys. furreal.
Making: plans for the future.
Cooking: chubby taquitos for friends tonight. You guys. Go-to recipe for sure.
Drinking: a bottle or two of water a day. 
Reading: blogs, lots of blogs. I may not have written in a while, but I'm still reading.
Wanting: a vacation. Somewhere warm please. Where I can hear the ocean from my window.
Playing: Scramble with Friends with my mom.
Wasting: time watching Scandal and wondering if I'm the only person in the world who finds Olivia a little annoying? Especially when the president is involved? Please talk to me about this.
Sewing: nothing. ever. 
Wishing: for dream homes and beautiful children and motivation to meal plan.
Enjoying: everything about my life at this moment.
Liking: Alex more and more every day.
Wondering: where I'll be in five years.
Loving: reading books on my kindle.
Hoping: I shake off this nasty cold that has me in its talons.
Marveling: over the minute all the dishes are out of the dishwasher there are a million more to load up.
Needing: a reason to party.
Smelling: Clorox cleaning wipes. 
Wearing: chambray and a scarf. 
Following: along on instagram and twitter.
Noticing: how gray the sky is outside.
Knowing: everything will always work out.
Thinking: about what to do with this blog.
Giggling: about the ladies on the bachelor. How can I not?

Feeling: completely content.

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  1. I really need to get better about drinking water! You're doing so well! I only do hot tea now, but it totally doesn't count.