CaseyLand: is it the new year?

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

is it the new year?

the coolest thing i did this year
Seeing as how it's the second week in January, I guess I'll finally jot down some thoughts about last year, and maybe some ideas for this year. I'm thinking I'll call them "ideas" for now. I really don't have a clue as to what sort of resolutions I would make. Because, I guess right now I'm perfect. HA JUST KIDDING. But still, with the not knowing of the resolutions... this is a real problem.

2014 was an interesting year for a number of reasons. One of those reasons being that I can barely remember anything that happened! 2013 was a whirlwind of a year. Got engaged, got married, graduated from college, moved into my first married apartment, got my first professional job... it was BIG. 2014 was kind of a year of stability. And I have ZERO problem with that. (One time Alex said, "our lives are getting kind of boring aren't they?" And I said, "DON'T YOU DARE! YOU TAKE THAT BACK!" Because I'm a big believer in the whole, "what you send into the universe" idea...)
The year started off normal, my students were amazing, Alex defeated all of his hardest classes in the world, we went on vacation a few times during the summer, had some mid-life crisis and life changing decision time, went back to school and rocked it again... And that was about it.

The thing is, I kind of feel like 2014 is still going. Like there are parts of it that haven't ended yet. A few of those things I know for sure haven't ended, and eventually I'll write about them. It was what it was, 2014. It was what it was. No complaints really. So maybe that's where the lack of resolution comes from. It hasn't felt like I've needed a fresh start.

So here are some ideas:
Journal more - blogging and otherwise
Eat healthy - just cuz
Never get sick - I succeeded at this in 2014 and I think I can do it again.
Go shopping and buy more than cheetos - this one is for Alex
Take more pictures

So... that's my lame year in review. But I'm not complaining!

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  1. Yeah, I cannot be bothered with resolutions. And sometimes that makes me feel like a bad blogger. Strike that. I CAN be bothered with resolutions. I want to make then for OTHER people. I can definitely tell what THEY need to resolute to do! I wish that is how it worked ...

    1. Haha that would be nice sometimes! I just try to constantly set small goals for myself, so I don't always feel the need for a blank slate!

  2. Omg you didn't get sick at all last year? If you ask my poor little body, that's quite the accomplishment. I love your goals though. Last year everything big happened for me so I'm just ready to have a mellow year and take a break from all the changes.



    1. I know! I was so lucky. Last year was definitely my mellow year. This year is going to be crazyyyyyy!!!!