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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

In another life

The other day I was having a conversation from my friends and we were talking about our "secret callings". Like, I'm a teacher, but what if I wasn't? What if I was something else?

I said I thought I might be an accountant in another life. On account of I reconcile my uncle's bank accounts and I feel like that makes me all sorts of legit. I'm sure there is tons more to accounting, but I'm just saying, when those amounts zero out at the end, it's the nerdiest kind of high.

I also become a totally different person when in front of an audience or a microphone, and now I have a DJ turn table, so I guess I could also have a secret calling as a DJ. The thought makes me giddy with excitement!

I also think my real calling is probably to be a good mom... all that good stuff.

But while I'm indulging myself in these "secret calling" "other life" fantasies, I have also always wanted Stacey London's job on What Not to Wear. I love getting dressed, and I love going shopping. You know what I like best about shopping though? I love getting great deals. I think if I had my own fashion show it would be about wearing nice clothes that you got for a crazy bargain.

This past weekend, I went shopping with my mom with a few gift cards, and I made it my goal to get plenty of things without using any of my own money. And BAM. I rocked it. I got a pair of pants from Anthropologie for FOURTEEN DOLLARS. I don't know where I'm going with this post really except that I had to unpack all the clothes I packed for Christmas Vacation plus all the new clothes I had somehow acquired, and looking at my closet made me wonder why I would ever need anything new. I should probably take a break with the deals. But hey! You want to go shopping, find a great deal, and have a personal stylist? Give me a call. I'm your girl. (In my dreams.)

If you've ever wondered what my favorite color is to wear, let me help you out. Blue. Can you tell? Also, any neutral. I'm a bit boring, but I work it.

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  1. I love getting good bargains. I'm so cheap like that and I will never buy anything at any store that's over $20/item. I think you can just get so much more for your money and that's great.



    1. My goal is to shop at the expensive stores but get their clothes for $20 or less. It is possible! And it feels like a crazy good bargain when you get a $100 item for $20 haha

  2. Bargain shopping is seriously the only way to go! Its nice finding other people who love to thrift.

  3. I see how it works. Go get the deals when you are spending YOUR money and not MINE!

    Love you Baby Boo!