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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Girls Trip

A few months ago my mom and I decided that the most fun thing we could do when Abi came back was go on a girl's trip! We booked the Westgate Resort in Park City, planned a spa day, and waited patiently for Abi to show up.

Two days after she came back, we loaded up the car and drove 45 minutes to the beautiful ski town of Park City! I've always wanted to go there during Sundance, but I guess hotels are booked solid like a year in advance, so it's been a no-go so far.

Sadly, I didn't take many pictures. There wasn't a lot to photograph! The resort was absolutely gorgeous. Decorated for Christmas with a giant tree. We got lost a couple times because of how big it was! When we first got there, my mom tried to park the car by herself in their squishy parking garage... that was a big mistake, so for the rest of the time we just tipped the valet! Treat yo-self, right?

We spent most of the weekend lounging, which I think was hard for Abi since she was used to being busy all the time on the mission. Sorry Ab! For my mom and I, it was much needed. On Saturday we spend basically the whole day in the spa getting massages and facials and manicures and pedicures and it was heavenly! Except for the manicure... I think maybe I have super sensitive cuticles? Every time I get a manicure I feel like they are ripping my skin to shreds. Does this happen to anyone else? Am I just weird? Please help me out here.

Anyway, it was absolutely lovely and relaxing and now I'm super excited for the real Christmas break starting on Saturday!! Woo! School is almost out!

Anyway, here are the pictures I did take. Over and out.

sweater: nordstrom (anniversary sale!) jeans: nordstrom (anniversary sale!) belt: LOFT shoes: Nordstrom (anniversary sale!) slippers that happen to be in the picture: Steve Madden
 hotel lobby!

waiting for our food at Maxwell's before heading home.

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  1. I totally agree on the manicures. I love pedicures, but manicures just hurt!