CaseyLand: a peek into our romantic evenings

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

a peek into our romantic evenings

On Wednesday night, Alex and I were in rare form.

He had piles of homework to do, and I had piles of papers (math timings! ugh!) to grade, so of course we spent hours upon hours watching  Parks and Recreation. And also getting breakfast burritos from Sonic.

After way too much time had passed, and I had 100% decided I would not be grading papers that night, Alex told me he needed to get started on his homework. (Started! At all hours of the night! Ok, it was like 7:30. Still.)

I told him I thought I might need some pumpkin spice oreos.

He told me he would not participate in the procuring of the pumpkin spice oreos.

I told him I would help him with his homework if he would help me achieve my pumpkin spice oreo goal. In fact, I would read his text books to him if he would do this one tiiiiinnyyyyy thing for me.

So we were suddenly in his jeep, speeding to the nearest Walmart.

And what do you know? We walked out with pumpkin spice oreos, peanut butter oreos, dr. pepper with cherry for Alex, a jug of orange juice, and some ziplock bags. (Because we figured we should get at least ONE practical thing while at the store. Considering our shelves are empty.)

rainy day outfit
sweater: gap   button down (or is it up? this is my eternal question): nordstrom   pants: h&m   boots: hunter
lack of jewelry: my own invention

You can call us irresponsible, but someday we'll have kids, and I want to live this just us life to the fullest.

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  1. Keep that living it to the fullest mentality even after you have kids ;)

  2. This is so cute! Sometimes it's nice to be irresponsible :)

  3. How are those oreos!? Never tried them!