CaseyLand: surprises

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


It may surprise you to know that only a few things really truly surprised me about Alex after we had moved in together.

The main one is that he is actually not a person who cares if you push all the toothpaste to the top of the tube. I had assumed he would be, because I wasn't.

p.s. more pictures from Zion's soon... maybe/promise.
p.p.s do you care about the toothpaste? what surprised you about your significant other?

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  1. Looking forward to those pictures :)

  2. I was surprised by his haphazard way with clothing. He left it everywhere! Sometimes I'd find it draped on the couch, on the stairs, over a dining room chair...All of which were just a few steps from the bathroom hamper...he's since got a little better but I was certainly deceived. To his credit he lived at home with a mom who cleaned up behind him until we were married. I guess I shouldn't have been that surprised lol

    1. That's hilarious! I'm glad he's gotten better!

  3. Funny!! We're kind of the opposite. My husband is freaked out by my toothbrush because I let the handle get all toothpasty.

  4. I require my own tube of toothpaste. I can't stand sharing. Haha!

  5. I use one of those pusher upper things and I like to be the one that has to push it up, lol! One thing that irks me is when they don't change the empty roll of toilet paper.