CaseyLand: taking stock, this summer

Monday, July 28, 2014

taking stock, this summer

olivia, me, abigail. Sisterhood never looked so good.
Missing: my sisters.
Making: a lot more money at my summer job than I do as a teacher...
Cooking: nothing, because we were re-doing the kitchen for the past two weeks.
Drinking: more water. I hear it's good for you?
Reading: the book of mormon. I need suggestions for a good read though. Please, someone give me a book I can get lost in!
Wanting: frozen yogurt, the tart kind with the little bobas... that's what they're called, right? the ones that explode in your mouth? 
Looking: for cheap school supplies.
Playing: with my husband. best way to keep your marriage young is to goof off with each other ;)
Wasting: lots of time watching Grey's Anatomy. Season 9, folks!
Sewing: nothing. surprise surprise.
Wishing: for my late night talks with Alex about our future to really be our future.
Enjoying: Corner Bakery Cafe. Seriously, four times in one week people.
Waiting: for Alex to finish studying. (He studies. In the summer. Without anyone telling him to.)
Liking: living with my family. I know I know... I need to grow up. But they are seriously so great!
Wondering: what life will be like in a year.
Loving: summer rain storms, singing in the car at the top of my lungs, and everything to do with the way summer smells in the morning and at night.
Hoping: for a good fourth grade class.
Marveling: at all the good things in my life. 
Needing: lemon Liberte yogurt and fresh raspberries. nectar from the gods.
Smelling: rainy pavement and clean laundry.
Wearing: black skinnies. all day, every day.
Following: lots of new blogs who took the time to say hi to me this weekend! thanks guys!
Noticing: how fast my nails grow. I swear I JUST clipped them...
Knowing: that life is going to be great. no matter what.
Thinking: about positivity and negativity, and the whole question, "why not?"
Feeling: sleepy
Opening: lots of junk mail. too much.
Giggling: at everything Alex does lately. he's not quite sure he likes it ;)
Feeling: content.

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  1. this made me smile. the berenstain bears were my favourite bedtime story books growing up!!

  2. Book recommendation: A corner of white. You like Jaclyn Moriarty, yes? Maybe you've already read it. But I just finished it and it was amazing.

  3. I have a FANTASTIC book, it is seriously the best. It is called Blackmoore by Julianne Donaldson! I read it in two days I couldn't put it down. If you are into that Pride and Prejudice time period with lots of love stories going on, you'll love it!! Just trust me... it is my favorite book!!

  4. What is your summer job? Also it made me laugh when you talked about reading The Book of Mormon, but you need a more interesting read. Ha.

  5. And also you have watched a lot of Greys Anatomy! But it's addicting hey?!! I am waiting for Season 10 to come out on Netflix.

  6. never have i ever! it's such a good book!
    the little diary