CaseyLand: LET'S CELEBRATE!! // 001

Friday, July 18, 2014


Lately I've felt a little "all-talk-no-action" with the whole celebrating everyone thing, so today I decided to put myself to the test! I'm going to try each week to write down who/what I'm celebrating. And I'd like all of you to join in! If you have anything you think I probably should be celebrating, email me! Tell me who and what is making you happy! Tell me when you succeed at something! I'd like to think this could possibly be a link-up in the future, but I'm not going to act like I'm some popular person everyone is paying attention to ha ha. If you think that you're interested in joining me, let me know, and we'll get this thing started.

So today, we'll start small and I'll let you know what I'm celebrating this week:


I'm celebrating my new black dress from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!! Literally the perfect little black dress. Obviously I should probably get a full body shot... but we'll stick with this awkward awesome selfie! you can see the sleeve at least...

I'm celebrating this song.

I'm celebrating being a part of this awesome slomo video from #brightnightevent!

I'm celebrating my husband! And his birthday! As I said in this post, his birthday is the best day. This week also just happens to be my Mother-In-Law and my Father's birthday, so I am also celebrating them, and loving it. Birthdays are just the best days, right? So many treats... but who's mad?

I'm also celebrating Blogger Babies! There are just so many of them lately, right? I'm especially happy for Bonnie from this blog for having her beautiful baby girl this week! And this girl announced her pregnancy which was awesome, as well as my good friend Jenna announced she's having a boy!! Babies for everyone!! Or... I don't know, not everyone... Sorry, I get carried away.

Congratulations to my friend Haley for getting engaged! (there were a whole bunch of congratulations gifts in that box... not just a magazine!) She lives in California now, and I was going to mail her that box, but then she came for a surprise visit, and giving it in person was SO much better! We even pulled party poppers! Talk about a celebration!

So there you have it. Should we make this a weekly thing? Do you want to be a part of it? Let me know!

For right now, what are you celebrating? :)

p.s. I make a point to respond to all my comments. My favorite way is to respond over email, but quite a few of you don't have emails attached to your profile! I will go to your blog and find your email, but if you also don't have that posted, I just respond in the comment section on my blog... whew! So anyway, just know, I value your comments and love hearing from you :)

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  1. yay! Thanks for celebrating me! And yay for Haley! I wish I could be with you guys all the time. ALL THE TIME.

  2. you seriously NEED to try a waffle from the waffle truck! waffle love travels, but there is a standing store in provo. or there's brugee's waffles and frites in slc by pioneer park thats also way good. better than waffle love imo. cute dress! i didn't do the nordstrom anniversary sale thing, but i keep seeing all this stuff people got from there and am kicking myself haha.

    the little diary

  3. Yay! Celebrate good times! I now have the song stuck in my head. But there are just so many good things happening!

  4. thank you! so glad to be part of the celebrating :) we've been doing quite a bit of it around here too :) and i can't get over the head of red hair little june has .... so many babies in blogland right now :)

  5. What a great idea to celebrate everything! Way too often I don't pay enough attention to the happy moments and just move on to the next problem on my to-do list. Great-great post idea!