CaseyLand: From The Cutting Room Floor // 001

Friday, July 11, 2014

From The Cutting Room Floor // 001

In an act of solidarity and friendship, and also mostly lack of anything else to write at the moment, I am linking up with my good bloggy friend Laura!! From the cutting room floor... a link up for pictures that I have not posted on my instagram, and never will. So, you could say this is exclusive. Like, you're getting an all access backstage pass. Look out!!

Let's just say it took a long time to get a good picture of me that day...

movie date to The Fault in our Stars, which Alex declared as "long"

Have any of you tried this yogurt? It is seriously heavenly. Lemon flavored please. Our Smiths stopped selling it, so my mom called the actual company to find out where it was. I promptly went to Target and bought everything they had. Which as you can see, was not enough. Give me Liberte, or give me death! (or not...death...that's a bit dramatic...)

I took an actual picture of my food! I mean, I had taken a bite, but I remembered! Anyway, The Habit is amazing. Great taste, great price, great date night. Go there.

 I took this selfie because I thought I was having a good hair day, and I just feel like good hair days should be documented. Sue me.

And finally... proving to Alex that I was in fact getting ready for work.

Which I should probably go do right now!
From the Cutting Room Floor
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  1. I need to try that yogurt! Also, the mountain you hiked on the fourth of july... was it mt. olympus? My husband was supposed to hike some mountain today and he was telling me about it and it sounded pretty close to your experience on the fourth of july hahahahah

    the little diary

  2. Your good hair day selfie is AWESOME. I was coveting your flowing, perfectly colored locks thinking, "What a great hair day!" before I read the caption. So, just know... it's been confirmed. ;)

  3. Thanks Kaylee! haha you're awesome. Now I just need to get my hair to look like that again...