CaseyLand: eating corn dogs, and other news

Thursday, July 31, 2014

eating corn dogs, and other news

Alex took both of these pictures, but it was really bright out, so he couldn't see the screen of the iphone. I say he didn't do half bad. I was thrilled to eat that corn dog, ladies. Some days in your life, you are just going to need a corn dog. And on those days, you should treat yourself to a corn dog. Don't waste a bunch of time telling yourself that they aren't healthy, or that drenching your corn dog in honey is gross. Just eat one. Don't make a fuss. And when your husband says he doesn't want a corn dog, he wants a breakfast burrito from Beto's, don't try to compromise. Tell him he can have his burrito, and you will get your corn dog. And then you should go to Target, telling him that he can look for accessories for the Go-Pro, when really you just want to buy new mascara. And a book to read in the car ride on your... vacation!!

Which brings me to the next thing - Alex and I are going on vacation this weekend! We leave this afternoon actually. We're going to Zion National Park. I'm hoping there will be lots of corn dogs there.

Just kidding, I'm excited to enjoy the great outdoors! So I won't really be around tomorrow to do celebrations, but I am gathering a list of things to celebrate for a blog post asap!!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Corn dogs are the BOMB. if you ever have a chance to go to Disneyland, definitely get one from there. they're huge and greasy and perfect. also, super jealous of your trip to Zion! I love it there! have fun!

  2. Corn dogs have been my craving of choice lately. TOO GOOD.

  3. I love corn dogs!! Have a safe trip!

  4. Now I need a corndog and my kids are sleeping!!! WHO DELIVERS CORNDOGS????? And I think I'm out of mustard!

    My life is just such DRAMA.

  5. ah so fun! i love love veggie corn dogs. now craving them lol. have fun on vacation!
    the little diary