CaseyLand: Summer Lovin!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer Lovin!

Summer lovin, had me a blast... Summer lovin, happened so fast....

I mean, right? Today is my last day of my fantastic vacation in Oregon. I don't want to leave! Don't make me!!! I have so much to tell you all about my trip, and I'm sure if you follow me on instagram you know exactly what I'm talking about. My family goes to Oregon every summer, because we used to live here, and I think it's just one of those places that gets under your skin forever and ever, you know? But this year we've been trying all sorts of new things, and it has been thrilling!

I am so glad I got to kick off my summer with such a relaxing and wonderful trip with the people who mean the most to me. The next few months have a lot more fun coming, just not always by the beach... but I'll try not to have low spirits on our journey home.

For now, I'll just soak up the sunlight, tuck my toes back in the sand, and hopefully rent a beach bike later this afternoon!

Since I know you're as sad as me that my trip is ending... ;) I have a surprise for you all! I teamed up with some other cute as a button bloggers to let a lucky reader win $40 to Target!!! Because what's the next best thing to kick off your summer besides a trip to Oregon than Target!?! Obviously nothing. Come on, join in! Step right up! It could be your lucky day.

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  1. My favorite thing about summer is watching New Yorkers sunbathe at parks and concrete squares like its the beach. But I could do without the summer B.O. on the subway haha.

    1. New York always sounds so appealing to me until people talk about the smell ha ha. Why can't it just smell like roses and be perfect!! :)

  2. Seems kind of silly, but I love the sense of freedom that summer gives! Is it just me? I always feel refreshed and ready for Fall when it comes around- my favorite time of the year (:

    1. I feel the same way! I think it's because we survived the cold ha ha. But maybe it feels the same way in warm climates as well!