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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

love this guy like a dog loves to run

Yesterday Alex came home and said, "Mad, we have so much to do today!"
And I said, "Really? Like what?"
He replied, "We need to send my books back for one thing. That really needs to be done."
And then he started puttering around the kitchen, getting snacks, that kind of thing, while I repeatedly asked, "What else do we have to do? What else!" And he kept replying, "Everything! There is so much!"
Finally he said, "We also need to plan our trip to Havasula or whatever that place is called!"
"What? I don't want to have any soupi!"

He thinks he's sooooo funny. I kinda love it.

p.s. have you every been to Havasupai Falls? Because I have a strong hankering to get myself there...

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