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Friday, May 2, 2014

can-do attitude

^^ Today I came home, ready to take pictures, and I was apprehensive about the lighting outside again. It's just the worst time of the day to take photos, I decided. Especially as inexperienced as we are! I realized that the lighting in my living room was about as perfect as it gets, so we went for it... what say ye? better than previous photos? ^^

Recently I've got a lot of comments about my attitude. People think that I'm a good go-to person because I'm up for anything! I've got a can-do attitude. I'll make time for it, I won't let fear stop me, and I am always willing to help. 

I really think my good attitude is a huge part of where I am today. I've worked with people before who couldn't get up on the right side of the bed. They had complaints about everything, they didn't want to try new things, they were full of negativity. Those people didn't make it very far, in my experience. Nobody wanted to be around them. Especially not to work with them for long periods of time.

Attitude can really make or break you. I've found that people enjoy being around someone who is flexible and open to new ideas. I've made it my goal to be that type of person.

But sometimes I wonder... lately it's been getting me into things like "Dancing with the Student Stars"... So maybe I should tone it down a bit? ;)

Funny story: Once when I was dating Alex, I came over to his apartment and met one of his roommates for the first time. He said, "You seem like a really happy person." And I was like, "Oh! Well... uhh... thanks!" And he said, "no... happy people never make it very far in life." 

so maybe I'm completely wrong. umm... take from this blog post what you will.

p.s. these pants are just about the comfiest thing I've ever worn. And I am pretty sure I need 50 white t-shirts in my drawer at all times. No explanation needed.

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