CaseyLand: a long day

Thursday, May 15, 2014

a long day

this is what I look like at the end of a long day. I'm smiling, but I'm also like... k. Let's be done.

It was a long day today. (Thursday. Since most of you will read this on Friday and be like what?? The day isn't over!! Or maybe you won't, but please enjoy these sentences in the parentheses anyway. Why not.)

First, there was school. I mean, right?

Second, we had the school Spring Carnival! I signed up to do face painting, and you guys, I think it might actually be my calling to paint children's faces. There was something extremely therapeutic about it! The little ones held their heads as still as they could. Even when I tried to make them laugh, they did that sweet thing where they laugh with their lips pressed together. I love kids. I seriously love them.

That ended much too early because I had to rush to a Dancing with the Stars rehearsal! I mean, tomorrow (today!) is the day! So we practiced in the actual gym we will perform in, and then that was that! That was the last practice. I'm a little nervous.

After that I just got sad. Because the truth is, I've been home alone all week. My parents won a fancy trip to Jamaica so Alex got called on to take care of the brother while they are gone. He comes back tomorrow to watch me dance, and I cannot even describe the level of happy that will make me.

Husbands, you know, they really are your best friends! I mean, that's the best part of being married. The companionship. I just watched a scene in Grey's Anatomy where a couple was cuddling, and I started crying. Because where is my cuddle buddy!!!??!!? And that's where I'll leave you.

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  1. You can come cuddle with me.

    Or with Listen. You might enjoy that more.

  2. oh my goodness, did you just watch the finale of greys anatomy????

  3. Haha, I love reading your blog! I'm not married yet, but I have a boyfriend, so I definitely know what you're saying about companionship. And since we haven't moved in together yet, there are days we don't see each other and when I'm watching shows(especially when it's Grey's), I tend to get a little sentimental!