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Monday, April 14, 2014

time to get your nails done!

I really feel like nail art is a trend that's kind of taking over, you know? The worst part about that is that I'm terrible at it. I have tried putting polka dots on my nails before... and the most I could fit on my nail is like, one dot. Big and blotchy. So, it's a trend that I stare at wistfully on pinterest while I paint my nails a basic pink color.

That's why when my friend Sarah introduced me to Jamberry Nails, I was thrilled. They have over 300 designs which means you can pick signature styles just for you. I seriously sat in front of the computer just clicking through all the patterns for a good amount of time, it was so hard to choose! Jamberry Nails can be applied easily at home, all you need is a mini-heater or blow-dryer and a nail file. You can apply, shape, and bond the nail wraps directly to your nails in less time than it takes to watch the newest episode of Modern Family.  Each sheet of nails can be used two or three times, because you can trim them down to your own nail. It's $15 for one sheet, which, if I do my fourth grade math correctly, translates to $5 a time. That is SO much cheaper than getting your nails professionally done, with the same effects! Your nails look awesome!

It was so much fun to sit and chat with Sarah while she taught me how to apply the nails. Because you know, that's one thing that is so great about getting your nails done with the girls. You get the whole experience without paying the extra money for the salon time. Jamberry is also doing an offer of buy three get one free! That's like 6-9 manicures or pedicures! So you can check out their designs here.

And guess what ladies? Sarah has a great offer for you! If you sign up to do a Jamberry Nails party with her, you get a half sheet free off the bat. And you know, this is just like those other fun parties, where you can earn a whole lot more than a half sheet of nails if you throw the party. Just shoot me an email and I'll let you know!

I'm thinking of throwing one this summer, would you like to come??

p.s. have you heard of Jamberry Nails before?

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