CaseyLand: right now.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

right now.

+ end of level testing has begun, and it's the most boring time of my life/most frustrating. frustrating because i can't really answer any questions, and it kills me when a student asks me a question about something we JUST talked about like half an hour ago... you know?

+ you guys. i LOVE working out. i never thought i would be this type of person. i literally crave it. call me crazy, whatever, i can't wait until my next power toning class...

+ i look forward to mondays now because my sisters get to email me on those days. you never realize how much you need sisters until they are gone!

+ on saturday night/sunday morning around 2:30 a.m. i was awoken to the sound of my upstairs neighbors screaming at each other. this was equal parts annoying and amusing to me. i was tired, but i love to eavesdrop... you know? puh-lease, you know you do it too. anyway, it got to the point that one of them was trying to stop the other from driving away from the house drunk at which point i decided to wake up alex. it's good to have a husband.

+ speaking of husbands! mine is the smartest, cutest, funniest, etc. i wish he was home right now. he, however, is not. because he's a smarty pants intern at a smarty pants place and so it goes.

+ i wore platform sandals to school today and actually felt super cool... this could be the beginning of a new era! good-bye flats every single day? we shall see.

+ i'm tired of trying to eat healthy....

+ so i should probably make that chocolate chip cookie dough in the freezer right now, right?

+ peace and love.

p.s. spring has sprung!!!


  1. love the shirt. haha i'm totally not wanting to go to they gym today but i gotta right?

  2. love the shirt. haha i'm totally not wanting to go to they gym today but i gotta right?

  3. Our upstairs neighbors were just fighting a little bit ago! Totally eavesdropped, but it was super frustrating because I couldn't quite understand what they were saying. Lame.

  4. Oh my, that shirt! I loooooove it. Kind of obsessed with rose/flower tattoos and I think that pattern would make a reallllly nice sleeve/quarter sleeve ;) I love working out too! It is the best thing ever.