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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

i'm really very graceful.

because it's the cool thing to wear your sunglasses in your shirt... the other picture with me wearing them were uhh... not great. so this is what you get.

Let me tell you how graceful I am.

I'm so graceful, that when I walk up to someone's door to tape something to it and walk quietly away, I trip on the step and slam into the door full force. Bonus points for when they open the door to ask if I'm ok.

I'm so graceful that when I wear these shoes to school, I sometimes fall off them into the wall and kids laugh at me.

In fact I'm so graceful that my dance partner has to teach me how to point my toes out instead of landing pigeon toed after every step.

All of these graceful things of mine make me feel great about my future children's chances of being graceful just like me. I won't put them in dance or gymnastics. My parents didn't, and I turned out JUST fine.

p.s. these pictures were with the real camera! you can tell! we just need to find a way to not be squinting and I think we're on our way to greatness... I'm totally feeling what Mindy has to say about posing solo though. Totally.

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