CaseyLand: easter eggs and important things

Thursday, April 24, 2014

easter eggs and important things

We dyed eggs this weekend. It was pretty last minute, but we did it. We got a tie dying kit, and tried to do our best.. but as you can see from our first three eggs, it wasn't exactly the effect the box promised. When did dying eggs become so complicated? Remember when you could just soak it in the purple and call it good? Or do a half-and-half one? I'm just saying.

Important things to note:

* Yesterday I had my first dance practice for my Dancing with the Student Stars show coming up in three weeks. THREE WEEKS. In three weeks I'm supposed to be an expert at the Samba... I'm just praying my zumba twice a week helps me shake my hips like nobody is watching...

* I just had a year-end evaluation with my principal and sweated profusely through it. I'm a nervous sweater. I also did really well, thanks for asking. They like me! They really like me!

* Yesterday I was in a teacher talent show. The fourth grade teachers and I decided to do that trick where you put your arms behind your back and another person puts their arms through yours to be your arms... I feel like that was a horrible explanation. Just picture it. Anyway, while my real arms were behind my back, a different teachers arms were preparing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and let's just say... it was hilarious, and I keep getting congratulated by children. High point of my life.

anyway, have a thrilling Thursday!

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  1. i'm assuming that A+M is for Texas A&M? good choice. all hail college station.