CaseyLand: dear grey's anatomy

Friday, April 4, 2014

dear grey's anatomy

Dear Grey's Anatomy,

I don't know who you think you are, dragging me into your drama, but I do NOT want to be a part of it. The minute your characters start being happy, something horrible happens that ruins everything! It is tearing me apart into pieces! I could become the type of person who starts biting her fingernails! (Luckily I have some great shellack right now that is preventing me from starting that habit, but still.)

Besides that, I'm not typically a squeamish person but every now and then I can't believe what you just showed me. I mean, a PENCIL, in someone's EYE!? I'll never look at a pencil again!! How dare you!

In fact, I think this is it. I know I'm halfway through the fourth season but I just can't.... but I mean, Christina is so funny... it doesn't matter, I can't take.... and I have to know if Meredith and Derek can make it work... not worth it, too much pain... and this episode might end with three peoples lives hanging in the balance... i can give it up...


Next episode, please.



  1. Oh, wow. Fourth season, writer strike. Rough time. You just keep going, girlfriend. Fifth season gets cray!

  2. Oh man girl, you dont even know the crazyness that is about to go down! Dont give up! Unless it is really affecting your life negatively, than that is never good.

  3. Yang isn't so funny later on. So sad. But Grey's is AWESOME.