CaseyLand: a smidgeon of our weekend

Monday, April 21, 2014

a smidgeon of our weekend

This weekend was a busy one for us Casey's. It started out with the simple plan to go home for Easter, but then due to many circumstances we thought maybe we wouldn't be able to go home for Easter, and then in the end we said, whatever, we're going home for Easter. It was one of our better choices.

See, Alex threw a bachelor party for his friend on Friday, so we needed to go down for that. But then there ended up being a baptism Alex needed to make it back up to Logan for on Saturday. So he thought he might spend the night in Logan and then come back down for Easter Sunday. I said ok to that.

So, while I'm eating gelato at Harmon's on Saturday with my mom (because these are the things we do) I get a phone call from Alex who says, "Hey, I'm coming back down right now." And I said, "Really? I thought you were staying until tomorrow morning?" and he says, "Yes, I thought about it, and that was a terrible idea."

So he came back down, and we went on a hike. And don't you just love spring?

^^ I'm wearing mom socks and shoes because I didn't bring my stuff down... it's a good look for me, yeah?

p.s. how was your easter weekend??