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Friday, February 28, 2014

people say the darndest things

^^ This is a picture of me in the same hole in the rock as before, only this time I tried to look less like an embryo. ^^

Let's kick off the end of February with some funny conversations lately, shall we?

at school 

JC: So do any of you have secret crushes??
A: I do! The three of us do. We're all in secret crushes together.

(After Valentines day party) J: THANK YOU MRS. CASEY! THIS WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!! THANK YOU FOR THE PARTY!!!!!!!!! (Gives me huge hug).

(Lunch on Valentines) H: Let's do a cheers, guys!
Everyone: Ok!
H: Cheers to Mrs. Casey!
Everyone: To Mrs. Casey!
Me: Umm.... To Valentines!!

H: Oh hey there Mrs. Awesome Pants.

M: Hey Mrs. Cay-Cay!  (big hug).

Me: Ok, this is the way you should do this. (I explain explicitly what he should do.)
M: (shows me his work. completely different than what I asked.)
Me: This is not what I asked you to do. Did you understand my instructions?
M: Yes.
Me: Why did you not follow them?
M: I wanted to do it my own way.

 at home 

Me: (Lights are turned off, time for bed) Oh! wait, I need the sheet. For some reason it's been kicked all the way to the end of the bed.
Alex: I hate the sheet.
Me: What?
Alex: I hate the sheet. It makes me cold.
Me: It does not make you cold.
Alex: Yes it does!
Me: No it doesn't.
Alex: Yes it does!
Me: No it doesn't.
(This continues for a moment. I grab the sheet and pull it up.)
Alex: (Tucks the sheet around me and shoves it away from him.)
Me: wow.

(A few days later)
Me: Oh hey! Looks like you got over hating the sheet!
Alex: (looks down at sheet) Wha.... no! I hate the sheet. (Pushes it away.)

on vacation

O: The pillows are gone! They've been replaced with two half pillows!
Mom: No! Why do these pillows even exist! Do you think they got a good deal? Like, half price for half pillows?
O: Your extra blanket is gone too!! And we don't have any garbage can liners. (runs downstairs to complain. in a nice voice, of course.)
(a few minutes later, knocking on the door)
Housekeeper: These are normal sized pillows, I just fold them in half and tuck the pillowcase in because I think it looks cute.
Me, O, and Mom: (side-eye each other)
Housekeeper: And here are some garbage can liners and an extra blanket.
Me: I bet she left your other extra blanket inside the pull out bed.

p.s. i need to be better at remembering these conversations. I know funnier ones have happened... do you keep track of funny conversations?

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  1. hehe, the conversation about the sheet made me laugh. how does it make him cold? that makes no sense! ;) maybe you need some flannel sheets!!