CaseyLand: i'm a crock pot genius, ok?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

i'm a crock pot genius, ok?

we think we're all that. we try... really hard.

I am seriously soooo HUNGRY right now.

We don't have any food. I mean that in the way that we have lots of random things on the shelf like tortilla chips and almost empty cereal, uncooked noodles, baking ingredients, ramen that nobody wants ever, and milk...

So you tell me what I should eat. TELL ME.

Anyway, who cares.

Speaking of eating, want to hear some funny stories? I know you do. I told you that I wasn't going to tell you in detail about all my crockpot meals. (Seriously, this is not to be selfish. Just pinterest crock pot meals and you are set for life. I wouldn't be doing anybody any services.)

Here's the thing. Alex and I are not used to the whole crockpot idea. In fact, we're so not used to it that we're kind of bad at it. I know what you're thinking, how can you be BAD at the crock pot? Well, like this.

Attempt 1: We wanted to start a crock pot meal, and then we left for school and forgot. So Alex came home at around 11 and started it anyway. This was fine, but we ate at like 8 at night. (The meal was a beef stew and it was delicious by the way.)

Attempt 2: We were very excited because we remembered to put the crock pot meal in before school. (this one was a raspberry pork dish.) However, when Alex got home around 2, he realized that the crock pot had not been plugged in. So, he plugged it in, and we ate at 9:30 that night. It was in fact, one of the best pork dishes of my life... but seriously? 9:30?

Attempt 3: This was our day! I took out the pesto ranch chicken, dumped it in the pot, made sure the thing was plugged in, and headed to school. At about 10 I received a text from Alex saying, "why did we start the crock pot? We're having dinner with David and Jennifer tonight!" You guys. We had scheduled a dinner with someone else on the day that the crock pot idea worked out perfectly. We regretfully stuck all the beautiful chicken in the fridge for the next day.

Today Alex and I will attempt #4 Lasagna Soup. The missionaries are coming for dinner, and everything needs to be PERFECT. Which means... I'll keep you updated on how that all works for us.

Happy Wednesday!

p.s. are you a fan of the crock pot? what is your favorite recipe? Do you mess up at it like me, or are you a pro?


  1. Haha, this made me laugh!! That's a bit of bad luck, but glad all the meals (so far) have been delicious!! Our go-to recipe is roast beef in the crock pot...I shared it in this post
    but all the ones you mentioned sound good too, so I think I'll look them up on Pinterest! :)

  2. Wooohoo!! I have been meaning to do taco soup in my crock pot for a week, but my life keeps getting busy and by the time I am like I AM GOING TO MAKE IT its like 3 in the afternoon :P

  3. Lasagna soup sounds delicious! My fave crock pot recipe is veggie lasagna... soooo easy and yummy!