CaseyLand: Scenes from Christmas

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Scenes from Christmas

When I first got married, the only thing that really stressed me out was the thought of Christmas. In my family, Christmas is a BIG deal. We have traditions coming out our ears. So the thought of splitting it up between families made my selfish heart a little sad. Turns out... it was actually a blast! (Thanks to my family waiting for Alex and I to get back to even start the Christmas celebrations... my brother was about to burst!) No one ever told me that I would be getting double the presents... that was a huge plus. Ha! Alex and I are seriously so blessed. I love both our families with all my heart, and I'm so glad they only live 5 minutes away from each other! I don't know how people do it when their families are hours apart! So, want to see some Christmas joy? Keep scrolling for a picture overload!

Casey Family Christmas:

Newhouse Family Christmas:

(sorry for the closed eye picture Alex... but I wanted everyone to see what I made you!) You guys! I took Alex's mission ties and put them in a frame for him, because they just sit in his closet gathering dust! It felt very crafty of me! And I think it looks way cool! So that's that.

I miss Christmas with all my heart! It was a great one. Alex surprised me with a pearl necklace and my blog made into a REALLY nice book. It was seriously the most awesome. I love making memories!

p.s. if you're married, how do you like having two Christmases? (christmas'?)


  1. We had two Christmases the past two years (engagement and first year of marriage), but this year we decided it's about time to be our OWN family and we did our OWN Christmas. It was awesome!

  2. gorgeous photos, two christmas' is the way to go! x

  3. Almost married... we take turns every year. It would work out really nicely because Emmett's family really celebrate on christmas eve, but they are so far away, we really have to take's not my favorite, but you are right, it is selfish.

  4. I feel I just comment on your blog all the time hahah. Im so lame. I found the idea of Christmas to be stressful when I got married. We've had two so far, and they've been good. Sometimes its hard not to do everything with my family and split it, but I like my husbands family too. AND you're right you get like double the presents!!! It's the best!!!

  5. My family waited to open presents until my husband and I could get there (on the 27th), too! Or so they told me. It turns out my siblings opened all their gifts on the 25th, rewrapped them, and then pretended to do it for the first time when we finally showed up. Ha! Sharing holidays between families definitely has its complications, but also lovely benefits. Two families is so great!

  6. What a fun little Christmas you guys had! Sooo to answer your question, I feel like we're so different. My husband's family doesn't do gifts. Which is TOTALLY fine! But when I was there on Christmas, it was almost like, "heeeyyy everybody! Let me have you watch Trev open his gifts!" haha. And then my parents go all out. Our parents live in different states so we switch off every year and basically only have 1 Christmas.