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Thursday, January 9, 2014

insert controversial title here

Because by now we all know that controversial titles are the only way to get popular, right?

Anyway, the last week of my winter break, my good friend Rachel invited me along on a girls trip to see a huge piece of land art called The Spiral Jetty. I had seen pictures before, and it seemed cool, so I said yes. I also said yes because I love Rachel, and Carli and Kenzie and Haley, and I want to be the cool married friend who still does stuff with her friends. Ya know what I mean??? 

We got there around 4 in the afternoon so we could have an hour to see the sights, and then watch the sunset. Honestly, I wasn't expecting to be blown away by this experience. I thought it would be really cool. I also thought it would be freezing cold, and hopefully we could get some good food after. BUT. It turns out it was so super cool that I forgot how cold I was, AND we got good food after. 

You guys, this place is awesome. It literally felt like we were on the edge of the world. I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

The Spiral Jetty.

cool foot picture. don't you love it? artistic, right?

this is Rachel. She's kind of the most adorable person alive.

i learned how to use the panoramic setting on my iphone and we kind of went a little crazy.
 So there you have it. You should all go to the Spiral Jetty! Go now! We're going to go every season. Because, why not?

Happy Thursday!

p.s. who even knew about Land Art? Or Earth Art? Or whatever it's called? Have you ever seen something like this? What was it? Where is it? Have you been to the Spiral Jetty?


  1. This is jessica :-) I just learned about land art again in one of my art classes! Its actually pretty cool. And now I want to go here really bad! So glad you went!

  2. This is amazing... it looks like you're at the North Pole or something!!!

  3. Wow!! this is surreal. I've never seen something like this before. What is spiral jetty? Is that a place? or the name of the gallery?? Sorry for all the questions. I am very curious. Would love to see something like this!

  4. I know about it just because I had to study it in art history!! But. I'm actually super jealous you went! I bet it was super cool.