CaseyLand: I declare today a bad clothes day, and it shall be.

Friday, January 17, 2014

I declare today a bad clothes day, and it shall be.

I woke up this morning at 6:20.
I hit the snooze for 10 minutes.
I lay in bed at 6:30 looking at things on my phone. 
at 6:45 I decide to get up and get ready.
a make-up tutorial catches my eye for about 17 minutes before the realization sets in that it is now 7:05 and i'm running late.
i try to find something to wear.
but you know those days when nothing looks good? this was one of those days.
i declared it a "bad clothes day"
you know, like a bad hair day
but not. 
anyway, i made it, and now i'm just a few hours away from a weekend

(this is what my face looks like this morning... i don't think make-up tutorials help me much.)

p.s. i'm going ice skating tonight! outside! I'm going to wear a big scarf. yay. What are your plans this weekend? it's A THREE DAY WEEKEND!!!


  1. This happened to me yesterday. I watched like ten makeup tutorials and then ended up washing my face and going to school without makeup. Grr.

  2. Clothes don't make you, YOU make the clothes (not literally)! Happy Friday - here we are having "Blue Friday" for the Seahawks, so our attire is all footbally. :)

    Love you!

  3. I didn't have to go anywhere so I had a bad clothes day, too. My outfit consists of a stained tank top and sweat pants with wayyyy too many holes in the crotch.