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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I'm trying to keep up a good attitude with these frigid winter months ahead of me - I mean, there really is no end in sight. This is Logan, Utah. We don't get summer until June, and most often we skip spring. So you know, this is life, might as well love it! I'm trying to. But... It's still January!??

I feel like I had at least three good blog posts up my sleeve the past few days, but somehow I didn't get around to picking up the computer and typing them out. And now I'm sitting on my bed with hair wet from the shower, muscles aching from yoga - and I can't quite place those thoughts. In fact, everything I'm typing right now feels strange and unworthy.

But, we have to keep writing, you know. For writing's sake. So I don't forget how to write mostly.

Tell me, why do you read blogs?

Do you read them for the amazing pictures, the funny stories, the fashion, the perfect posts every single day about something meaningful?

You know why I read blogs? It's because I think you are ALL fascinating. I am a listener. I have been all my life. In my group of friends, I sit quietly and listen to everyone's stories, and I chime in when I have something real to say. But mostly I like listening. I like figuring out how other people work. What makes them tick? What do they love? What do they fear? What do they dream of? And I love blogs, because on blogs people are a lot more open and honest than they are in person. It's easy to get in someone's head when they blog. Yes - not all blogs are 100% of a persons life. But those little bits that we share with everyone are so interesting to me. It makes me want to meet you all. To figure out the details in between that we DON'T write about.

You're all amazing. Life is amazing. People are fantastic.

Now. Here's a picture of me getting ready for a girls night out. It's the only picture I've taken in like a week. So enjoy it. (You're obviously not reading my blog for the pictures...)

p.s. really, why do you love blogs?


  1. Good question! I think I read blogs because I like the way they make me think. Also I like the social aspect because I'm home alone with two kids and I am a serious extrovert so I need my social fix somehow!!

  2. Same reason as you! I like to listen and to watch and to figure out what makes people tick. And I also realize that the crazy inner workings of my head aren't so crazy because I just read about someone else wondering the same things. And they're alright, so I must be alright. :)

  3. I just love you. This is the cutest post and I LOVE reading your blog because YOU are fascinating!! :)

  4. I am basically the same. I read blogs because I find people inspiring, and fascinating. Your life doesn't even have to be crazy luxurious or anything but just finding connections, and similarities with strangers around the world really makes you feel good, and when people validate what you have written, it feels so good!

  5. I just love reading PERIOD. Add the interaction you get with blogging into the equation... perfection! :)