CaseyLand: what are your adventures?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

what are your adventures?

we're always this jolly in the car. isn't everyone?

On my way home from school today, Alex texted me and said, "I think we should go to the gym."
This was followed by these consecutive text messages, in order:
"Or I could just go and you could relax and take a nap."
"Or we don't have to go at all."
"I'll just do some push-ups here."

When I walked in the door, he was hiding in the bathroom. (He likes to hide and surprise me when I come home, but our house is tiny, so the options are limited.) I put my things away while calling out, "I can see you!" He didn't reveal himself, so I walked over to the bathroom and opened the door; which caused him to burst out and squeeze me into a big bear hug.

Later we decided that we should probably do laundry, because it's the adult thing to do when you run out of clothes. (As opposed to just going to the store and buying more, which is what I always WISH I could do.)

But when we got in the car, we realized that we didn't have quarters. So we should probably go to Smith's to buy some root beer for root beer floats and get change. However, on our way to Smith's we needed to stop at our friend Cody's to get a book for me to read at the laundromat, because I'm high maintenance and didn't want to get bored. On our way back from Cody's we made the split second decision to go to Jerrick's Fine Jewelry to get our rings cleaned. (They're great. Recommended!) After which, our jaws dropped at how shiny our rings could actually be, and we inquired as to the price of classy pearls, which I told Alex he should buy for me someday. Then it was on our way to Smith's! We bought root beer and milk, and were shocked that it had been almost an hour since we left our house.

"We can't eat out anymore this month!" Alex said, when we talked about how hungry we were.
"I know! We'll make chicken nuggets and eat them with our fresh spinach!" I problem solved.
"You know, I think we should just get a Little Ceasar's pizza," he mused aloud.

Finally we made it to the laundromat, where we realized we had forgotten our detergent.
"Did you remember the detergent?" I asked solemnly.
"The what?"
"The soap!"
... head banged against steering wheel.

On our way to Little Ceasar's I started thinking about our little lives, and the daily adventures we have - no matter how mundane they may seem to most people.

"These are the stories," I said, "that we will tell our children."

Because life is pretty cool, no matter what angle you're seeing it from. And every small adventure is a great one.


  1. life little small adventures are the greatest x

  2. I miss those married days with no kids. Love my kids, but there is something so sweet about the time with out them.

    Since Adam gets home from work at 3 we decided to take a family trip to Costco on Monday. I just love family trips to Costco. So mundane, but so much fun!! You're right, you gotta love the little adventures in life.

  3. I love Jerrick!! He's from my hometown. That's where we got our rings too.

  4. I love little stories like this! The days that turn out like these ones are always the best :) hopefully you will have lots more of them in the future!

  5. This is awesome! I have totally had moments like this in my marriage!

  6. Lol this reminds me of me and husband so much!! We always forget things, and I always hide when he gets home and try to scare him ha ha. Anddddd he alway like offers something, and then sends a bunch of texts afterwards saying we don't have to or he'll just do it. haahha i like your blog! Now following!

  7. Best.Story.EVER! Haha! I love this! :D
    I hope you got your clothes clean eventually! :)