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Monday, December 9, 2013

the definition of cool

We're going to have a serious conversation today. It's about me. (Because that's what this blog is about, and for some reason a few of you seem to like it?) It's about how I'm not very cool.

I know. I know I'm not cool. I'm painfully aware of it. One time I asked Alex, "am I cool? would you say that i'm cool?" And he said, "of course I think you're cool!" Which, I mean, for all intents and purposes is basically saying, "you poor pathetic lame-head, i only think you're cool because i love you!"

I like to think I can dress well. I can do my hair pretty averagely so it's at least passable as cool. But let's just be real here and admit what we all know... as soon as I open my mouth, the facade is destroyed. I'm a goof, a nerd, and all around awkward. I run from people I know in the grocery stores. I make weird facial expressions like, all the time. I get irrationally excited about mundane things. I sit at home and blog in the evenings. When people ask me to introduce myself, I start sweating. My idea of a weekend is curling up with a good book or going to see a movie based on a book. I despise talking on the phone (it also causes sweating... i'm an anxious sweater!) When people knock on my door when I'm home alone I hide behind the couch or the kitchen table. I will not hesitate to eat food that I dropped on the floor or myself. (depending where the floor is, i mean, within reason.)

I just... am what I am. This isn't going to hinder our friendship, right? Can we all just live with the fact that I'm not a very "cool" person?

What does cool even mean, anyway? What do you guys think makes someone "cool"?

definitely not this picture, right?

p.s. good luck on your finals, college kids! Alex has some real beasts this week so... no partying allowed until Friday!


  1. beautiful snow, so jealous! I wonder if anyone feels cool and I wonder if people that think they're cool aren't cool because they think they're head hurts...I guess cool is subjective. I think the coolest people are those who are absolutely themselves whether other people think its cool or not. So I guess in my head its cool to be uncool or cool as long as you are yourself :) x

  2. haha, I feel like it was me writing this...I'm pretty much all these things and more! Thanks for the well wishes on the final, I'm going to need it!

  3. I think you're cool. meow.

  4. He said to be cool but, I'm already coolest. I said to get real, don't you know who you're dealing with?

  5. I think being cool means, you feel good about yourself and dont care what others think!

  6. Cool is being yourself no matter how damn weird you are! :)

  7. You definitely do dress well! I can't pull off the floor length skirts, or I just can't find one that fits right. Yours looks amazing!

    I think you're a pretty cool person... though I may just be saying that because I can 100% relate to doing everything that you listed there, so that obviously makes me cool too, right?! I thought so.