CaseyLand: a post from a friend, and an important question!

Monday, December 30, 2013

a post from a friend, and an important question!

Hey there kiddos!

So... guess who apparently didn't want to blog at all last week? Yep, it's me! And guess who really doesn't care about that? Yep! It's me again! (and probably all of you... amiright?)

Now that it's a new week and I'm getting the itch to blog again, I have a million ideas piling up in my head. It's a little overwhelming, so I'm going to let Riley from Riley Jo give you a little love today. And I guess you can actually read something from me if you go over to HER blog... right HERE! (I wrote about boyyyyzzzzz and it's very exciting!!!!!) Anyway, I have lots of stuff to share, but I think Riley is just a cutie patootie and super awesome, so you should probably check her out like, now. (and then check out my p.s. at the bottom because I have a very important question for all of you.)

Hey friends! My name is Riley Jo! I asked Madeline to guest post on my blog a while ago and she was nice enough to offer her blog up to me. We decided to talk about boys and the inevitable awkwardness that comes when girls and boys are in the same room. So here we go!

 I was a critter all through High School and I didn't really know the first thing about boys. So it was not really until college when I started to put on an appropriate amount of makeup and not dress like a member of a punk rock band (or for my feminist friends, I gained self confidence! Woo! Go feminism!..?) that I had any real encounters with boys. 
High School Riley.

Just kidding. More like this:
This was the time frame I was considering a Fall Out Boy full back tattoo. 
And why not start my first awkward moment story with my FIRST KISS! My first kiss was on True Aggie night with a kid that lived by me in the dorms. Ugh, woof. But fact is fact. I was basically peer pressured by my best friend to get on the A with this kid who I had to bend down to kiss which was pretty mortifying. After we kissed, I had the realization that I was on a platform with hundreds of people watching me kissing a kid I barely knew and I got freaked out. So I jumped off the A and ran the mile and a half home. I ran a mile and a half home, which if you know me that is WAY more impressive than the fact I actually decided to woman up and kiss someone. So that's the story I get to tell my teenage daughter one day. Ugh.
Me hauling my A off the A. I may be smiling but I assure you I am feeling pure terror right now.

 My second awkward story happened just last month! I work at the box office on campus and a kid came and ordered some tickets. He was chatting with me and just being friendly, or so I thought. (Later I found out "friendly" means "flirting" most of the time, good lesson for a 22 year old to learn!) Mid conversation he stops and says "One second!" he then proceeds to slurpily (not a word but since I am an English major we can pretend I know what I am talking about) take out his retainer that has his four front teeth connected! He sucks all the spit from his retainer (is this getting too graphic?) and pops it back into his mouth. He then asks for my number. I about passed out. Along with feet, saliva is the other thing in this world I cannot stand. I get nauseous watching General Conference because I can hear the spit in the microphone when they talk. I was pretty positive that I was going to vomit so I declined him quickly. Apparently he came back the next day looking for me. Ahhhhh!

So there are a couple awkward stories! I am pretty grateful that I have Mark and that I am done dating so that reduces my awkward men encounters greatly.

Thanks for having me, Madeline! You can read more of my awkward moments HERE!

you guys! Do it! go to her blog!

Ha! I love kissing stories. And awkward stories. And boy stories. I have a lot of them on my blog, so you can see why I love Miss Riley Jo. I promise I'll be back in blogging commission tomorrow. I mean, hello, isn't it like a HUGE blogger fail if you don't post on your year in review? Can't wait to bore you all with THAT!

p.s. So... Alex and I got the first part of our wedding video back. It's really cute. It also involves a lot of kissing and kind of made me blush pretty hard. I'm thinking it's probably normal compared to other wedding videos, but I don't know if I should put it on my blog or not, because what if you guys are like, grossed out or something? Anyway, let me know what you think about wedding videos and kissing and if you would like to see some hard core love under clouds of pink cherry blossoms. I said LET ME KNOW. (That means I better see a comment or two.)


  1. I DIDN'T KNOW YOU AND RILEY WERE FRIENDS! Even though I know we went to the same university, it's still weird to me whenever I find out we both know someone who wasn't EFY affiliated.


  2. I love awkward stories because my life is basically the definition of the word awkward. Helps me know I'm not alone... ha!

    And YES wedding videos are ALWAYS a good thing. Post! Post! Post!

  3. Bahahahah... Fall Out Boy full back tattoo... that is just AWESOME! :P

  4. I love wedding videos AND kissing so it sounds right up my alley! :)