CaseyLand: My class got a bad review.

Monday, November 11, 2013

My class got a bad review.

Last Thursday I had a training to go to, so I had to get a substitute. I don't really like getting substitutes because it's actually a lot of extra work for me, and I know the kids are going to totally freak out about it. All day during the training I was picturing what could possibly be happening in my classroom... hopefully the kids were learning what they needed! Hopefully the sub was being nice to them! hopefully they were being nice to the sub!!!!!! (how stressful!)

So, you can imagine my dismay when I came back to class on Friday morning to find a long letter, detailing the grievances that occurred. I will now share it with you, because I find it shocking and hilarious at the same time. (I try not to take these things to heart, but rest assured, I had a discussion with my class about what happened.)

"Mrs. Casey -

I would like to say I enjoyed teaching your class today, but I can't. (ouch) In all the classes I have subbed for, I can honestly say this is the worst experience I have had. This is the first time I have ever had to raise my voice to a class. (apparently he also slammed his hand down on their desks! they found this traumatic.) They were disrespectful to me and to each other.

The worst of the bunch was (i'm not going to say his name here), but he certainly had companions (esp. other kids whose names i will not release) They all said they had no idea how to do word work. (this part confuses me... so if they had no idea, shouldn't you as the teacher help them? just wondering.)

I constantly heard, all day it seemed, "So & so is being rude to so & so" "she is being mean", etc. (Did you ask them what was happening? Or tell them to figure it out?)

The positives were few and far between. One of the bright lights was (a great kid) - a very mature and smart young man.

At the end of the day, they were told to clean the room, and how they left it is how you would find it. (umm.. thanks?)

p.s. (another great kid) did well and deserves some points."

At first when I read this I was mad at my kids, but then the more I read it I was mad at the sub too. Mostly because he didn't leave me any indication of what he had done with my students except that he yelled at them and found them annoying.

Anyway, the life of a sub would be hard, eh?


  1. He must have had a bad day, maybe he wasn't in a good mood to begin with or was too lazy to deal with the situation better. He should've helped the kids more. It sucks, because subs obviously don't know the children as well as you would, so they have no idea their history and such. It sounds like you are a great teacher! :)

  2. Over the years, I've learned to not get completely mad at my class when there's a bad note from the sub, even when they are a difficult group. I know being a sub is stressful but many of them think the way to control is by yelling and such. Completely ridiculous. At my school the walls are thin so my teammate will always tell me what she heard the sub say. When i get a bad note, she usually tells me that all she heard that day was a sub yelling at them!

  3. Okay... I don't even like kids and I think this guy sounds like a total turd. I mean, c'mon... I know kids get excited when they have a sub bc they think it's a free for all but it sounds like he didn't really know what he was doing. They couldn't possibly have been THAT much worse!

  4. Being a substitute teacher has to be difficult. I remember how we acted when we had a sub when I was in school.

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  5. In my opinion, it's not that hard. He shouldn't have written that. You're a good teacher :)

  6. that's a tough one... I would have been so down about myself if I got that but you aren't! that's good, keep up!
    anyway, a new follower of yours, came all the way from Malaysia! happy greeting....

  7. Almost always, I sided with my students in these kind of situations. Especially when one lady told my interior design class that she was qualified to teach my class because she watches a lot of HGTV. They also said she was a loud talker and when she subbed for the teacher next door a few weeks later I could vouch that yes, yes she was.

    Sorry for your less than stellar sub! Good ones are hard to find.