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Monday, November 4, 2013

here's what's happening in my neck of the woods

I woke up to Instagram and Facebook feeds full of snow yesterday.
It was a little surprising because on Saturday, everyone was running around in short sleeved shirts and mowing their lawns, but also not surprising because we live in Logan and this is life.
I don't have anything against snow. I will admit that it becomes somewhat tiresome in the months of January and February. (and sometimes June... it's whatever.)
But like I said, it's life.

So I got out of bed ridiculously excited to throw open my blinds and start up my Winter candle so the house would smell all Holiday-ish.
Oh how my heart beats for that Holiday smell. You know the one I'm talking about.

We got ready for church, and promised each other a good snowball fight as soon as we got home.
Here's the thing. In my head, snowball fights always sound like buckets of fun. You know? I picture myself laughing and tossing snowballs and generally making merry... not caring if I myself get hit. When in actuality, getting hit with snowballs tends to make me pretty grumpy. And then I get unnecessarily aggressive. This was all demonstrated when we got home from church, and I said, "Alex take a picture of me with the snow!" (Even though most of it had melted by that time. Of course.)
And he said, "Fine." and then he took a picture and threw a snowball at me, which happened to hit me square in the face.
Grumpy Madeline emerged.
Alex entered our house with snow all down the back of his expensive suit.

But you guys, it was in the MIDDLE OF MY FACE.

 ^^ snowball in the face picture ^^
^^ Trying to look like I didn't care about the snowball. Actually very angry at the time ^^

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  1. Bahah... I love the comment under the last picture! I can't believe some people have snow already!!!! I'm DREADING it!