CaseyLand: we're basically cloned.

Friday, October 4, 2013

we're basically cloned.

This is Madeline and Alex. You read about them a lot here. 
Alex is a Mechanical Engineer (wannabe... he's still in school.) He's got brains bigger than most, and a tendency to be a tiny bit of a know it all. He's a little competitive. Ok, a lot. Today he challenged me to see "who could see a Jeep Liberty first"????!? He found one, so I said I saw it first. It didn't end well. ANYWAY. He's also quite a sweetheart. He puts me first, and does the laundry to boot. Alex takes care of Madeline.
Madeline is a school teacher with an attitude. She's unquestionably stubborn, and she's also unquestionably always right. She has the best of intentions 100% of the time. She likes to think she has good fashion sense. She used to have pretty cute bangs, and she's being tempted to cut them again. She is about the goofiest lady you will meet, and keeps Alex up when it's time to go to bed with her shenanigans. She needs a lot of love, and needs to give a lot of love. Madeline is very easily excited. Much too easily. She once almost cried at school when told that they would be building an actual Polar Express. Madeline takes care of Alex.

And now introducing: Madeline and Alex's celebrity couple clones. I mean, bear with me here. This is for real.
Madeline and Alex are obviously Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. 
With a little less business sense, and less money, and less machinery.

 They are also the spitting image of Luke and Lorelai. Without Lorelai's annoying habits. And Alex isn't quite as grumpy. 


p.s. you just got a major clue as to our halloween costumes. just saying.


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  2. Umm... apparently my comment has been removed by me? Here's what I said:

    You are totally luke and lorelai! minus all the stuff you said.

    So there it is.


  3. Hmmm... The best comparison I can make of my husband and me is... Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. But I don't think I could get Andrew to dress up as Mr. Darcy for Halloween. Haha!

    Sue//Chevron and Lace

  4. I don't agree with either of those. meh.