CaseyLand: TGIF, right ladies? (and gentlemen...)

Friday, October 25, 2013

TGIF, right ladies? (and gentlemen...)

Last week I had a five day weekend. I know. It was really amazing. That's what you get when Parent Teacher Conferences and Fall Break line up. (Or maybe that's how it always happens??)

So, maybe you can imagine, but this week has been kind of a downer. I mean, FIVE WHOLE DAYS OF SCHOOL?? Since when was that a thing? Oh right. Every day of my life.

It's not that this week has been bad... how do I explain this? Maybe you guys can relate. It's like, this week has actually been pretty hilarious and fun, but I've felt pretty tired and unenthused? Like, I give it my all while I'm there. I teach and smile, give pats on the back, scream and run in circles when I see a spider. But when I come home, I am BEAT!

So last night when I came home, I had one goal in mind. GET SOME CHOCOLATE COVERED GUMMY BEARS. I don't know why. I heard about them once, and I haven't been able to get them out of my mind! But the only place I ever found them is a novelty candy shop that sells them for $5 a 1/4 pound. That's like, not even human. I told Alex that's what I wanted, so we went to the store and searched in their bulk candy. That's where it would be, I guess, in my head. But it wasn't there. I even asked an employee if they had any in the whole store and he said no.

Part of me wanted to be really valiant and search all over Logan for the rest of the night if I had to! But in the end we decided to each choose a different candy, get a drink, and head home. I got sour gummy worms, because, I don't know. I like them. Alex got those gross Orange slices. I thought he knew what he was doing, but when he came home and ate one, he was really disgusted and said I could just take the rest to my class today.

And this is the picture I took. I thought it kind of represented Alex and I? He's tall and skinny, and that's kind of what we look like when we stand next to each other I think.

In black and white for artistic purposes.

p.s. if you're visiting from Deidre's blog, welcome! happy to have you. please stick around. I have a pretty funny story about spiders just below this one. And for all you people who read this blog all the time for who knows what reason, I sure love ya.


  1. If you ever come up to Layton Mrs. Cavanaugh's in the mall has some. :)

  2. Yay - I just found you via Diedre's blog! Your Madeline idea is genius - I'm short and have red hair - now all I need is one of those straw hats!