CaseyLand: let's compare the contrast

Monday, October 28, 2013

let's compare the contrast

so, something you might not know about me is that I'm kind of a dreamer. a thinker. a what-if-er.

i have a good imagination to work with.

in fact, i'm a little bit cheesy, as many of my friends might tell you. i get really over-excited about things and my eyes get all wide and my smile gets really ferocious and ideas spill out of my mouth like you wouldn't believe! strangely enough, everyone usually decides to go along with me. i think it's probably because they're afraid to say no or i might start drooling or something?
this is a collage of some pictures of me doing the wide eyes-crazy smile thing. there were far too many to choose from, my friends.
anyway. i was just thinking the other day about people. about how we act toward ourselves and toward others. the way we all tick. the way this whole social media thing works. i mean, i seriously didn't re-pin something the other day because i didn't want to look like i was "copying" someone. where did that come from? pinterest is everyone copying everyone 100% of the time, so why would it matter?

i realized that i didn't want to be copying that certain person because i feel slightly competitive feelings toward her. what??!?! i couldn't believe myself. and then i started noticing that that happens a LOT. i'm not immune to the comparison thing! none of us are. it's so shocking. i want to do my own thing, be my own creative force, not be compared to anyone, but in the process i am comparing myself to everyone! how can i NOT be like that person? strange, right?

so i started thinking. what if we lived in a world of no comparison? what if we lived in a world of celebration? a world where it was SO EXCITING to celebrate other people and their accomplishments, and their creativity, and their instagrams and tweets and facebook statuses and pins! what if we celebrated everyone's achievements as well as their flaws? what if we recognized that we don't have to be like everyone else, and we don't have to be NOT like everyone else? and what if we loved it?

and even better, what if we celebrated ourselves?? i feel like i could talk about this one for ages. people do not celebrate themselves enough. i agree that humility is a great trait. i'm not talking about being obsessed with yourself and rubbing it in everyone's face. i'm talking about being so beautifully proud of yourself, that you can't wait to walk out the door the next morning and go do good. you can't wait to celebrate others, and let them celebrate you in return! because you are WORTH IT!

because if we're honest with each other, when we let things get us down, when we compare, when we ridicule... there is something inside of us that we aren't so proud of. why can't we cleanse ourselves of all that negativity and just live in a world of candy canes and gummy bears and be ok with it?

just saying.

so now, imma take my dreaming ways to the classroom and see if i can get my fourth graders to catch on, because kids are the future and all that jazz.

what do you guys think? can comparison be good? why can't we all just celebrate?

p.s. do you think if we had three day weekends every weekend, tuesday would start to feel like monday? or is three days really the natural order of things and we'd all be ready to start our week on the right foot that way? so many questions today!


  1. So true, I never thought of it that way! I have a blog "friend" who designs and sews beautiful things and I'm so worried she's going to think I'm copying her. I've been designing and sewing since I can remember, but because I feel competitive to her I'm always worried that I'll appear to trail behind her.

    Thanks for writing this!

  2. Great post! I really enjoyed it. -Rebekah Cutler

  3. I love this alot! I always think about what the world would be like if we were all a little kinder to each other. If we loved ourselves a little more. If we stopped caring about what people think and just be ourselves! This is a great post! Also three day weekends are cool once in a while, but they wouldn't be as exciting if we had them all the time. I think Tuesday would be the next monday. :)