CaseyLand: I was hangry, which apparently is a word.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I was hangry, which apparently is a word.

The other night, I was hungry. I was sitting on my green floral hand-me-down couch, and I was straight up stomach rumbling starved.

Alex was sitting in the kitchen, filling out forms that went for miles and miles... over the river and through the woods if you will. He's all internshippy now and has paperwork and that sort of grown-up nonsense to attend to.

So I was sitting there, pondering the growls of my own stomach. Could they get louder? Do you think they may reach a point where they'll be painful? How long can one sit with a growling stomach and not do anything about it?

You might be surprised to hear, but probably not, since I'm SURE this is a common symptom of acute hunger, I was getting angrier by the second.

I didn't notice my anger at first. It came on slowly. It started with the bottom of my stomach, worked its way up, and hit my head with a force unmeasurable by humans at this time.

Alex came into the room announcing grandly that it was finished. He had done the work, the work of all works, and was now about to be inducted to the intern hall of fame for longest time spent working on the form of all forms.

I tried to contain myself, but I could barely see him through my haze of red. All I managed to growl out was "I'M HUNGRY."

I think Alex could tell by my glowing eyes that something needed to be done, and soon. And yet, he had just survived the biggest natural disaster of all forms that needed to be filled, and had a lot to say about it. He tried to read me the questions line by line. He was LAUGHING at the questions. A small corner of my brain agreed that yes, the questions were ridiculous, but the rest of me was saying (out loud!) that "could we please talk about this after i've eaten some food?" At least I said please.

We went to Subway. I was craving a toasted sandwich. But apparently SO WAS THE REST OF LOGAN. (the anger comes back to me now as I type!) Alex was spouting off a bunch of information about his two Engineering tests he had taken that day.

Now, I'm all for hearing about Alex's day. I'm in love with the fact that he's a smarty pants engineer. When he takes tests, I like to hear if it was "good" or "bad". He likes to tell me "why". And I don't understand a word he says. I thought he knew I didn't understand, and he was just telling me because he needed to get it off his chest. But there, in the Subway, as I was trying to spout off my supportive "uh huh"'s and "really?"'s I found out that Alex actually expected me to know what a "pascal" was?

It was too much for me.

We decided to go to Jimmy John's because they are freaky fast, and I needed some freakily fast food or I was going to deteriorate into a painful growling nothingness. The drive through guy was NOT freaky fast. I was incensed with rage. Alex patted my knee timidly. As soon as they handed us the sandwiches, Alex said, "EAT IT RIGHT NOW!"

Which I did, and then all was right with the world and there was much rejoicing in the land and there were fairies and clouds and even a unicorn came to try to nibble on my sandwich with me.

Yeah, like that would ever happen. Get your own sandwich, Unicorn.

p.s. it's the little things in life, right?

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  1. Haha I love this post. I miss you!! Let's get together... we can even invite Lyndsay.