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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

extra extra read more about me

I can't help it. I think Alex is the cutest. We went to Winger's and he got all-you-can-eat-wings and then he....

well, we don't need to talk about my husband. unless you all want to. but i've heard that's like the epitome of boring blogging.

it's just that i'm feeling a little boring tonight. (as i type this on tuesday night so that it can post on wednesday morning because i'm a teacher and that's what i do.) usually at night i'm all fired up and ready to go as far as writing goes, but not this night! so here's what i'm going to do.

i'm going to dig up some madeline from way back when that you people just HAVE to read. i know these posts are not on my side bar as most popular or anything, but they should be, and that's that.

Read about the time I was a model for the art department here and here. (this is full of awkwardness and personal insight. because i'm the type of person who feels insightful while my hand is swelling up from leaning on it for 3 hours.)

Or what about the times I went back through my elementary school journals? Lots of drama, imagination, and pokemon references. here and here.

One of the weirdest moments of my life can be found right here.

My thoughts on the worth of men and how they are portrayed in the media right here. (this was actually the middle post of a three part series i made up. part 1 and part 3.)

How about the time I talked all about dating? here. (that's how i felt before i met alex! i was right by the way. but in the end it seriously does "just happen"... that honest truth.)

And last but not least I will leave you with the silliest post - a love note to my boots here.

You should definitely read all of those. because it took me a good 45 minutes to find them all, and I like to be rewarded for my effort sometimes!

Love you all,
good night and good luck.
or good morning or afternoon i guess... since it's wednesday when you're reading this. or i guess if you're reading it wednesday night it still makes sense? i should stop typing now.

buh bye.

p.s. what are your favorite posts you have written? leave a link and i'll read them!

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