CaseyLand: a pretty great camping trip

Monday, October 21, 2013

a pretty great camping trip

Before summer began, Alex and I constantly told each other "We will go camping a lot this summer!!"

It was a great idea. We live near tons of great camping sites. We have the equipment. We like camping. I don't know how you could go wrong.

Except for the fact that Alex ended up working literally every single weekend this summer. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, you name it. (Oh, I just named all three I guess.) The only time he got off was if he specifically asked for it weeks in advance. It was a tragedy! A good ole lounge on the couch and watch tv shows every weekend night all summer because your husband can't hang out tragedy. And so, as you can imagine, we didn't go camping. Except for one time right before school started. Because he asked for it off. And then he quit that job, yay!

Anyway, we were pretty disappointed with the whole deal. We were cheated out of our camping trips! So we said, Fall break! Fall break we'll have a good weekend to ourselves to go camping.

But the weekend BEFORE fall break was freezing and rainy... so then we started to doubt ourselves. (Isn't this story entertaining?) So I said, "ALEX! WE WILL GO CAMPING IN OUR HOUSE." (When I get excited my whole body is full of all caps.) "WE WILL ROAST MARSHMALLOWS AND EAT HOTDOGS AND SET UP THE AIR MATTRESS AND SLEEPING BAGS IN OUR LIVING ROOM!" (wow, maybe my excitement is a bit overwhelming?)

Alex agreed that it was a good idea, and so the camping trip of all camping trips was planned. If, say, you camp with a TV and watch movies and stuff... I mean, you could do it if you had a generator! It works. I even had Alex walk me to the bathroom in the dark, because what if there was a MOOSE?! (He's such a good sport.)

So, here are some pictures (!!!) of the greatest camping trip ever. And yes, they are iphone photos, and no, i don't care.
^^^ This is a camping dinner, right here. ^^^

 ^^^ Alex gets mad when I take his photo. So I take candid photos. And then that makes him mad too! So I tell him to pose for the photos, and he likes that. But I kind of feel like then we're back to where we started? So this is a candid photo, and... whatever.^^^
 ^^^ I'm excited, as usual. And this is our humble campfire. ^^^

^^^ We then watch movies all night. I know this is blurry and dark, but I kind of like it anyway. ^^^

^^^ Roasting smores over the stove. And then modeling the smore. Because that's what I do. ^^^
After a delicious snack of smores and a couple more episodes of Gilmore Girls, we went to bed.
^^^ And this is what you look like in the morning after camping. Pretty great, I know. ^^^
^^^ Now who's going to clean this up?? ^^^

p.s. it was a matter of concern from the last post, so I would like to say we did get the wedding capsule open, I think with a heavy duty Army knife. Inside were several pictures of the kind of dress I thought I wanted (POUFY! WITH RHINESTONES?), several different picks for wedding colors, letters from Young Women's leaders and my mother, and a white handkerchief. So there you have it.


  1. that hot dog looks SO good! camping is one of mine and my husbands favorite thing to do! so fun! xo

  2. Madeline, you are so cute and bubbly! I enjoyed reading that. You rock!

  3. So great to hear from you Nicole! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

  4. HEY LOOK A MASON JAR CANDLE WHAAAAT!? haha this is adorable. jeff and i roast marshmallows over our gas stove all the time, and we make s'mores the exact same way. we're like twins. except quadruplets.