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Friday, September 13, 2013

this is me.

A self portrait

When I was growing up, I read books. I mean, I read hundreds of books. I would enter the library with a stack of twelve books, and leave with another stack, only to return again the next week. Don't ask me what I was reading, I have absolutely no idea. But my mother can tell you, it certainly took away from time that should have been spent cleaning my room or doing homework. The thing is, as I entered adolescent-hood, I started noticing that the books I was reading had a theme of "finding yourself". Finding myself! I was terrified of the idea. The idea that I could possibly have no idea who I was and have to go about some long and difficult journey to find out all the answers was intimidating to say the least. I remember praying that I would never have to endure such a trial. 

Well, the years went on, and no troublesome times came upon me that forced me to find myself. At least not that I noticed. And even now when I'm 23, I believe I'm still in the process. There have been moments, glimpses, bright rays of sunshine - that illuminate a little more of me every day. In high school I was a bit of a shadow, watching everyone else living their high school lives, while I stayed in my world of books. In college I really broke out of my shell, met new people, took more risks. And now I'm married and graduated, and what does my world hold but new opportunities to "Find myself"?

I like to believe that you never finish the process. That "me" is someone I'll always get to explore. Each stage of my life has brought new accomplishments. I've changed, I've progressed, I've failed, I've succeeded. "Myself" will never be the same. Every day I walk out my door into a new experience, and so every day I have new opportunities to be me. 

And you know, that is quite extraordinary.

p.s. i'm liking this blogtember thing, aren't you? 
p.p.s. I went on a field trip today. they are so much more fun when you're a kid.


  1. awesome! such a great post - loved reading it! and it absolutely made my day! :)
    You definitely inspired me, and somewhere deep I kind of feel the same! :)
    Thanks for it!

  2. I totally agree with this - finding yourself is a journey, and you are never truly found, because there is always something new and unique to explore. Lovely!

  3. 1. love the simple layout of your blog and your photos are beautiful!
    2. i'm 24 and married and have also been a journey to 'find myself' for awhile...i also like to think that it never ends and there's always more to learn and ways to change and grow.
    3. i subscribed and am looking forward to following along on your journey of life!

    -michaela |