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Thursday, August 22, 2013

out of the mouths of fourth graders

I asked Alex to take a First Day of School photo of me. And then I ran out the door without looking at it. So we'll all just have to deal, ok?

Today, i was a teacher.

A full-blown-do-it-all-myself teacher. 

I mean, what the? How did that even happen? Suddenly I'm thinking back through my whole life and it's one of those how did I get there? Oh, yeah now I remember - kind of moments. It took a lot of work. A lot. I mean, I don't even remember it that well because I think it's one of those painful things that you forget about, so you don't remember how it hurt? childbirth?? 

well, ok, it wasn't that bad. It was actually mostly fun. 

And I woke up with nerves off the charts. My sweetheart of a husband woke up and made me breakfast, and lunch! He decorated the lunch bag and everything. Wait, he what?! Dang. Picture opportunity missed. Maybe I can have him replicate it... Anyway, I got to school, made some copies, started up the computer, wrote the date on the whiteboard, and then I was like, ok! Where is my handy-dandy schedule that I wrote up for myself last night? I panicked. I looked for it everywhere. Turns out I left it in MY car, but I took ALEX'S car to work. So I had to make it all over again! Stress. But then the kids walked in, and before I knew it I was in front of them talking, and I didn't even realize what I was doing until halfway through the day. It was kind of comforting.

Ah, but now, what you have all been waiting for! I know! Already, and it was only the first day? Yep, I've got some great kids this year. (Names have been shortened to initials for the sake of the internet being the internet.)


(In the morning, before school, the kids are walking in, a boy in my class is crying.)
His Mother: Hi, this is M... (gets dragged away by M)
(A little bit later, M comes back and his mom escapes.)
Me: So, what's the matter?
M: (between sobs) I'm just a... just a.... just a shy kid! 
Me: That's ok, we'll all be really nice to you, and I'll take care of you!
M: But I... I... I don't think I know how to do the math!
Me: Oh, we're not doing any math today, so you don't have to worry about that. Should we go in now?
M: I guess so.
*Let the record show that the shy kid wouldn't shut up for the rest of the day!*

Me: Alright, so get to work with your groups!
R: Mrs. Casey? 
Me: Yes?
R: (side eyes her group) What if someone in the group gets left out?
Me: They won't! You are the leader of making sure everyone is included!
R: (wide eyes) oh!

Me: So I'll print those off and give them to you tomorrow.
O: (raises hand)
Me: Yes?
O: When will you give them to us?
Me: Tomorrow.
O: Wait, when?

(After showing them the clip of Nemo's first day of school.)
Me: Let's go around and talk about how we felt at the beginning of the day versus how we feel at the end of the day! Were you a Nemo, or a Nemo's Dad?
H: Well, in the morning I was kind of nervous and I was more of a Nemo's dad. But then I got here to school and I walked in the classroom and I saw YOU! And I just thought, this is going to be the best year! I have the best teacher! I just knew it as soon as I looked at you!
Me: Wow!

(After telling the same M in the first quote that he needed to be quiet like 50 times that day, I was pretty sure he was sick of me, and yet...)
Me: Bye M! See you tomorrow!
M: Bye! Thanks for making me feel so welcome!
Me: You're... welcome?
M: (gone like the wind.)

p.s. but no joke i'm so ready for the weekend.

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