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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

vacation all i ever wanted

So, I'm at the library, right? Just sitting here, reading the bachelorette recap and minding my own business. Out of nowhere I hear this "flip, flop, flip, flop, flip, flop" noise, that only ever accompanies people who wear flip flops. Against my better judgment I turn to see who it is, and a man with a large stack of books nods at me. Then promptly says, "Man, it's quiet in here."

And I'm like... uncertain smile... thinking to myself - it's a library?

In other news, I have returned unwillingly from my vacation to the ocean. It was miles of fun that ended far too soon. But isn't that how vacation always feels?

^^^this was the first day of body surfing. the one where i sat by the side and watched them all enjoy themselves, hoping that i would get an invitation, but also being perfectly content to sit in the sand eating lemon drops.

^^^pirate daze! oh, pirate daze. i can't be the only one who lives for these kind of things, can i? I mean, the people! The pirates! the little booths with handmade goods! my dad fell for a balance bracelet, and my mom bought into some aloe lotion, and you better believe those are handmade cross bows those boys are holding. i could have stayed there all day.

^^^i feel like I deserve some recognition for winning the family bowling competition. and by winning I mean... we played three games and i got the high score on the third game so they gave me the trophy even though games one and two beat me by a mile. 

^^^and of course, some sappy love going on up there. 

oh, vacation! how i love thee.

p.s. i could seriously live by the beach for the rest of my life. get me outta this desert!

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