CaseyLand: things really got exciting the next couple of days.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

things really got exciting the next couple of days.

We went to Sea World! And Universal Studios! On two different days, guys, don't worry. We wouldn't overexert ourselves like that, especially considering the following...

Well, I have to admit, we were excited for Sea World. It was Alex's first time ever, and I love watching people enjoy things for the first time. So I was all set and ready to go! And then when we got there, he wanted to get straight on that crazy Atlantis ride, to which I said, "I think we'll get really wet... can we wait on that one for later?" But that crazy excited kid ignored my wishes (not in a mean way, just in a really excited way) and dragged me right up to the top. There was no line. (I wonder why? Did no one else want to get wet at 10 in the morning? huh...) He immediately got us in the front seat (after which the attendant girl told us that the front always got the most wet, cue steadily angrier Madeline...) and we continued on our journey to Atlantis. Needless to say, we were soaked, and I was unfortunately not very happy about it, and pouted for a good 15 minutes after. Alex was a good sport though, and bravely dared to have fun anyway. 

This polar bear seemed really agitated to me. He kept walking back and forth on this log with no purpose or direction.

whales. they're weird. don't judge.

these guys did nothing. super lazy.

this was after atlantis, and I was starting to get a bit happier. but little did I know, I was about to be soaked again. even worse this time. And also, I was about to get sunburned within an inch of my life. 

we saw large sharks.

and even larger sea turtles.
Anyway, the whole thing ended up to be a really fun experience. Then we tried to drive to a local burger joint, but there was some arts festival, so we ended up at chick-fil-a... which, i mean, that's fine too. I didn't really mind, because I was feeling pretty fried, and dehydrated and all that fun stuff... so let that be a lesson to you to always remember sunscreen. I may have shed a tear or two about the whole ordeal.

But I mean, I still had fun.

The next day we went to Universal Studios! And here's the thing... I accidentally slept in my contacts the night before. Which usually isn't that big of an issue, but when I took it out the next morning, my eye was like, really angry with me. And at first I was like, ok, you're not going to be a huge drama queen about this, right? We're going to get through this. But apparently my eye didn't like me talking to it in such a manner, and it declared war. So, unfortunately, I wandered through Universal Studios in various states of pain. One because of my lingering sunburn, and two because my eye was watering and wouldn't open, and was just in terrible shape. I felt really bad for having so many problems when I was supposed to be having tons of fun with my hunky husband. But he was a real sweetheart and let me wear his sunglasses and even said we could go home. But in a childlike fit, I told him no way! It was my first time there, and we had come to have fun, and I wanted to have fun, dangit! To which he gave me a raised eyebrow and a hug, and let me do what I wanted.

trying really hard to keep my eye open, and enjoy this fake double decker bus.

we went on the studio tour, and you have to wear 3D glasses, so I felt extra cool during this portion. glasses, sunglasses, 3D glasses. That's how I roll. Pretty sure the tour guide was like... hmm....

but it didn't look half bad from the front, right? you could barely tell what was happening underneath. And Alex was such a trooper, not letting my ailments keep him down.

We made it to Hollywood! 

He's just... really good looking.
I have good news. My eye eventually cleared up a bit after we got back to the hotel, and really cleared up for the next day. We forgave each other, and moved on. And I'm happy to say, despite the pain, I still managed to have fun at Universal Studios. So I would say that means I won the war Eye vs. Madeline.

p.s. tomorrow I will finally talk about the last day of the honeymoon! aren't we all thrilled?

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